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Stephen Maturin


jack_aubrey: How long have we been asleep?
stephen_maturin: Not long, joy. *kisses him*
jack_aubrey: *kisses him back* I shall have to find a reason for all of us to be off the ship together in Recife.
stephen_maturin: Oh, yes.
jack_aubrey: Of course, Stephen, you might have to make a choice between spending the night with us or studying your vampires.
stephen_maturin: *smiles* I would choose you. *stroking Jack's arm*
jack_aubrey: *makes a rather satisfied noise* Well, that will be a very pleasant change from the usual. *turns a little so he can kiss him properly, and wiggles back against Maximus to see if he's awake, then wiggles forward against Stephen to see if he's...awake*
maximus_tm: *lets out a little moan and presses against his back*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a moan and presses against him too, kissing him urgently*
jack_aubrey: *laughs softly* We all must have slept longer than I thought.
maximus_tm: *whispers in Jack's ear* I do believe that you have yet to take me.
jack_aubrey: *makes quite an eager sound* Would you like me to take you now?
maximus_tm: *shivers* I would like it very much if you took me now. *kisses his neck* I would not put it past Stephen to have brought something to help ease your way.
stephen_maturin: *smiles sweetly at Jack*
jack_aubrey: Yes, Stephen is quite resourceful that way, but his clothing is across the cabin and there is a lantern right here... *stretches up to get the tallow*
stephen_maturin: May I watch? *smiling more*
maximus_tm: *squirms around so that he can get on his belly again*
jack_aubrey: *comes down with his fingers covered in warm tallow* You are planning only to watch? *smears some of the tallow over Stephen's fingers, then turns to Maximus*
maximus_tm: *squirming, spreading his legs and lifting his hips*
stephen_maturin: *moves his hand to find Jack's opening, rubbing over it* Is this what you want, my dear?
jack_aubrey: *moans and presses back against Stephen's fingers as he tugs Maximus' hips toward himself, stroking over him with slick fingers*
maximus_tm: *moaning a little* Please, Jack...
stephen_maturin: *rubbing his fingers against Jack's entrance, teasingly*
jack_aubrey: *insinuates a finger into Maximus slowly, stretching him, though he is still fairly soft from earlier, groaning at Stephen*
maximus_tm: *lets out a loud moan, rocking back against his finger* Please, more...
stephen_maturin: *presses his own finger inside Jack, slowly*
jack_aubrey: *gasps, tilting his hips up to Stephen, and moves another finger into Maximus*
maximus_tm: *cries out and lifts his hips as much as he can* Jack!
stephen_maturin: *chuckles softly* He sounds wanton, Jack. Perhaps you should do as he desires.
jack_aubrey: *can manage no more than a loud groan in reply, but shifts over Maximus and nudges his cock against his entrance, pressing forward*
maximus_tm: *tries to spread his legs just a little wider, gasping* Yes!
stephen_maturin: *stays exactly as he is, thrusting his finger gently inside Jack*
jack_aubrey: *sinks slowly inside him, groaning and twitching around Stephen's finger*
stephen_maturin: *softly* That's it, Jack. Doesn't he feel good around you? *carefully pressing a second finger inside him*
maximus_tm: *moans and shudders beneath him* Oh... yes yes...
jack_aubrey: *lets out a soft wail, clutching at Maximus' hip, then sliding his hand beneath him, finding his cock* Oh...
maximus_tm: *whimpers* Yes--oh yes, please, Jack. *thrusting shallowly against his hand*
stephen_maturin: *leaning over and licking Jack's shoulder, fucking him with his fingers in a slow, steady rhythm*
jack_aubrey: *moving upon Maximus as slowly as he can stand with Stephen's fingers inside him, afraid to speak lest he should lose all control* Stephen...come here and...
stephen_maturin: What, joy?
jack_aubrey: *trembling as he moves within Maximus* In--inside me. At the same...time...
stephen_maturin: Oh Jack. *moves around behind him, withdrawing his fingers and gently guiding himself into Jack* Like this? Is this what you want?
jack_aubrey: *is making sharp urgent noises through his nose, biting his lips to stop from crying out, thrusting helplessly in and out of Maximus as he strokes his cock*
maximus_tm: *thrusting back against him, trembling helplessly and moaning* I--it feels so good, Jack, oh yes, I ...
stephen_maturin: *lets out a whimper as he listens to them, pressing deep into Jack, pulling back, pushing in just as deep, leaning over and kissing his back, whispering to him* Fill him, Jack. Give him everything you have. He wants it.
jack_aubrey: *drops his head against the back of Maximus' neck to muffle the sounds coming out of his mouth as Stephen shoves him forward into Maximus, feeling stretched full and squeezed in heat at the same time; with a buried shout he jerks back to Stephen and then thrusts deep into Maximus, spilling inside him*
stephen_maturin: *feeling Jack tighten around him makes him move harder, faster, groaning each time he buries himself deep*
maximus_tm: Oh! *trembling and thrusting mindlessly against Jack's hand* Please--Jack--oh!
jack_aubrey: *has turned into a helpless passive moaning creature for the moment but every thrust of Stephen's pushes him into Maximus and their combined weight shoves Maximus into his slippery grip*
maximus_tm: *covers his mouth and cries out, spilling over Jack's hand*
stephen_maturin: *presses his mouth against Jack's shoulder, sucking on his skin as he thrusts harder*
jack_aubrey: *is shaking, just trying to keep from collapsing on top of Maximus, holding him tightly around the waist* Oh Stephen!
stephen_maturin: *buries himself in deep, shaking as he spurts inside Jack*
maximus_tm: *whimpering softly*
jack_aubrey: *drops his hand heavily to the locker beside Maximus, struggling to remain upright for another few seconds*
stephen_maturin: *gasping, and withdraws from Jack, collapsing to the side*
jack_aubrey: *slides out of Maximus as gently as he can before simply slumping against his back, unable even to turn*
maximus_tm: Oh. Jack.
jack_aubrey: *clutches at him* Oh my god.
maximus_tm: *softly* Was it good, Jack?
jack_aubrey: *whimpers quietly* Please promise me we can do that again.
maximus_tm: Oh, yes. Yes.
jack_aubrey: *gropes for Stephen's hand* And you? Was that to your liking?
stephen_maturin: Yes, Jack, it was to my liking. *smiles and kisses his hand*
jack_aubrey: *finally manages to turn, and leans against Stephen, pulling Maximus with him*
maximus_tm: *presses up against Jack, holding on to him*
stephen_maturin: *slips an arm around Jack, kissing his cheek*
jack_aubrey: *holds on to both of them* I shall have to have someone else read the Articles this Sunday. I am sure I should blush.
stephen_maturin: *chuckles softly* Poor Jack.
maximus_tm: *kissing his neck*
jack_aubrey: *turns his chin up so Maximus can reach more of his neck and so that he can kiss Stephen*
maximus_tm: *happily kissing and licking Jack's neck*
stephen_maturin: *kisses him tenderly, stroking his cheek* Are you happy?
jack_aubrey: I am so terribly happy I feel that perhaps I should be ashamed, but I have no room for shame. *strokes Maximus' hair*
maximus_tm: *lets out a small noise of contentment*
stephen_maturin: *touches Jack's lip with a fingertip* Jack, you have no idea how pleased that makes me.
jack_aubrey: Perhaps we should all go to my sleeping cabin. It will be crowded and the deck is hard but I cannot leave the door fast for much longer.
stephen_maturin: *nods and helps Maximus sit up as Jack gathers their clothing and uniform pieces and takes them into his own cabin*
All three: *fall asleep in a warm pile of blankets*

maximus_tm: *opens his eyes after a time, sees Jack stirring and presses closer, letting his fingers brush lightly over his cock*
jack_aubrey: *takes in a quick sharp breath, trying not to make any other sound, and looks at him*
maximus_tm: *kisses him tenderly and wraps his fingers around him*
jack_aubrey: *swallows and does his best to keep his breathing steady so as not to alert Stephen in any way, watching Maximus' face*
maximus_tm: *licking and sucking at Jack's lips, stroking him firmly*
jack_aubrey: *unable to kiss him back properly for fear of groaning, holding his hips as still as humanly possible so as not to jiggle them into Stephen, clutching at Maximus' upper arm*
maximus_tm: *smiles a little, moving his mouth down to Jack's neck as he keeps moving his hand over him*
jack_aubrey: *struggles not to squirm, trying to tilt back so he can look at Maximus smiling*
maximus_tm: *looks into Jack's eyes, still smiling, and whispers* You felt so good inside me.
jack_aubrey: *quite afraid of waking Stephen, for no good reason really, raises a finger and presses it to Maximus' lips to silence him, giving him a shaky smile*
maximus_tm: *takes Jack's finger in his mouth and sucks on it, moving his other hand to his balls*
jack_aubrey: *takes a long, shuddery breath as he watches Maximus suck his finger, trying to edge his legs apart just a bit so Maximus can stroke his balls*
maximus_tm: *lets out a little moan around Jack's finger, stroking his cock faster, lightly touching his balls, and still staring into his eyes*
jack_aubrey: *gulps, arching his back helplessly to press himself toward Maximus though he is terrified that any movement on his part might wake Stephen*
maximus_tm: *sucking on Jack's finger quite like he had sucked on his cock, closing his eyes*
jack_aubrey: *opens his mouth to exhale as he feels suddenly dizzy, cock twitching and surging in Maximus' hand*
maximus_tm: *moans again and strokes him ever faster, his other fingers moving back behind his balls*
jack_aubrey: *starts to raise his leg, hears Stephen make a sleepy noise behind him and freezes*
maximus_tm: *sucks harder on Jack's finger*
jack_aubrey: *can feel his balls tightening below Maximus' hand and hopes he can feel it too because he doesn't dare make any sound of warning, staring at him desperately*
maximus_tm: *opens his eyes again and gives him a little smile*
jack_aubrey: *bites down hard on his lip and finally has to clench his eyes shut to keep himself silent as he spurts warm jets in Maximus' hand and over his belly*
maximus_tm: *sighs and lets go of Jack's finger, lifting his own hand to his mouth and licking it clean*
jack_aubrey: *opens his eyes to this sight, gulping in breath, just trying to hold himself still and not make any sudden moves*
maximus_tm: *once his hand is clean he presses up against Jack, kissing and licking his neck again*
jack_aubrey: *murmurs a sleepy grateful noise of the sort he thinks he might have made while falling asleep, which should not rouse Stephen*
maximus_tm: *sighs and closes his eyes, falling asleep again*
jack_aubrey: *holds him, stroking his arm, then turns his head very slightly to see if Stephen is, in fact, asleep*
stephen_maturin: *is looking straight at Jack and smiling naughtily at him*
jack_aubrey: *gives a startled jerk and looks back at Stephen with guilt all over his face*
stephen_maturin: *touches Jack's cheek, leans forward and kisses him softly*
jack_aubrey: *pulls him down and clutches at him*
stephen_maturin: *hushes him and holds him* My dear Jack.
jack_aubrey: *holds tightly to him* How long have you been awake?
stephen_maturin: Long enough. Did you enjoy that?
jack_aubrey: *nods* I -- I would have told you. In the morning.
stephen_maturin: *laughs softly* It's all right.
jack_aubrey: *somewhat distressed* I would have, Stephen. I swear it.
stephen_maturin: Shh. I'm not upset about this.
jack_aubrey: *strokes his back and sighs* I might be, if our positions were reversed. At least a bit wounded.
stephen_maturin: *snuggles against him* I do understand that.
jack_aubrey: *unhappily, though snuggling him back* It's not right, Stephen. It's selfish of me.
stephen_maturin: You could have forced your elbow into my ribs and made sure I was awake. I do admit to a certain fascination for watching the two of you together.
jack_aubrey: *blushes* I was being careful not to force my elbow into your ribs. I suppose I should have, but...I wonder sometimes if he wants one or the other of us all to himself for a few minutes, since you and I have so much history...and, oh, I am sorry, but for those minutes I wanted it to be me.
stephen_maturin: *stroking his cheek* Jack... I would not be at all surprised to discover that, yes, he does want a few minutes with one or the other of us, alone. He might feel safer doing it when the other is here.
jack_aubrey: I would certainly feel safer. You're truly not angry?
stephen_maturin: Not angry at all, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *holds on to him, relieved*
stephen_maturin: *smiles as he strokes his back* I believe he would do anything for you. I daresay that if you asked him to leave you, he would even do that. It isn't healthy for him to be so subservient. If he is to begin asserting his own dominant personality traits, he needs to feel safe doing so with you of all people.
jack_aubrey: But Stephen! I am the captain of this ship, it just ain't proper for me
stephen_maturin: Jack, I do not suggest that you allow him to take you on the quarterdeck. But when you and he are alone, which I could guarantee by telling Killick that you are ill and I am embarking on a very restrictive course of treatment...
jack_aubrey: You would be there, would you not? I do not wish to exclude you.
stephen_maturin: Certainly, joy, I would like to be there, both because I care for you so very much and because it would change the dynamic for him, having me present, which I think might benefit you both. But so long as you promised to give me a very thorough report, sparing no detail, no matter how difficult to say, I would not need to be present all the time.
jack_aubrey: But Stephen, we agreed, did we not, that neither of us would, while alone with him.
stephen_maturin: *patiently* Jack, I said that I did not expect that nor would I wish to. But I think you were not entirely honest with me when you said that you had no desire to do so.
jack_aubrey: No, I only wish to be with him when you are present.
stephen_maturin: *simply continues to stare him down*
jack_aubrey: *squirms and looks down*
stephen_maturin: *reaches out and takes his hand* Jack. We agreed that no other attachment could ever destroy what is between us, did we not?
jack_aubrey: *looks up quickly* Yes, Stephen! Nothing will ever destroy what we share.
stephen_maturin: You've said yourself that there are times you feel as if he is the brother you never had. And that he reminds you of yourself in some ways, but in others you feel there are things you could learn from him. Of course you are bound to be attached to a man with all those qualities.
jack_aubrey: *nodding, but still looking a bit miserable*
stephen_maturin: I am a more contained person than you are. I am quite happy by myself, in fact I require isolation from time to time in order to clear my thoughts. You are not like me; you seek out people with whom to share your interests. And we both know that while I can practice continence for months if necessary, you are much too full-blooded for it.
jack_aubrey: Stephen! You are encouraging me!
stephen_maturin: *looking at him very seriously* I care about you very much. And about him. I think it might be healthiest for both of you.
jack_aubrey: *is blushing furiously, so holds on to him and presses his face against Stephen's shoulder*
stephen_maturin: *kisses him, and strokes his hair* If it is not what you want, joy, I would not for the world push you away from me. But if it is what you want, I beg you not to let some erroneous fear of wounding my pride prevent you.
jack_aubrey: *holds on* You are far too good to me, Stephen. I do not know what I have done to deserve you.
stephen_maturin: You picked me up in Mahon when I could not even afford meat for my supper, and you have given me the world. There is no debt here, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *strokes his cheek and smiles tenderly* My dear Stephen. *unable to come up with any more words, he leans forward to kiss him*
stephen_maturin: *kisses him back, suddenly quite intense* must always come back.
jack_aubrey: *strokes his hair, and his face, and smiles more* I will always come back to you.
stephen_maturin: *kisses him again* You must. I do not know what I would do, should you not.
jack_aubrey: *kisses him back* I promise, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *pulls him close and holds him, chin on his shoulder*
jack_aubrey: *calming, and comfortable* Did you say you had a certain fascination for watching us together?
stephen_maturin: *blushes* Yes.
jack_aubrey: *lifts his head, slightly incredulous* You're flushed.
stephen_maturin: *bites his lip* Ah.
jack_aubrey: *intensely curious* Why? Is it just that he resembles me? Or because his background is so different?
stephen_maturin: Because he resembles you. It excites me to see you together.
jack_aubrey: *has a terribly wicked thought* What if he was, in fact, my brother?
stephen_maturin: *swallows* Oh. I. Well. Surely you would not... we would not be in this situation.
jack_aubrey: *keeping his voice rational* Come, now, Stephen, which is more plausible...that we should find ourselves with a Roman gladiator torn from his own era, or that I should secretly have a brother? If we did find ourselves in such an outrageous situation...would you still want to watch?
stephen_maturin: If, indeed, he was your brother... and you were doing this... I should still want to watch.
jack_aubrey: *cannot hold back a chuckle, though he does not want to wake Maximus again* You are a terribly wicked man.
stephen_maturin: I am wicked?
jack_aubrey: You would watch me with my own brother!
stephen_maturin: *blushes furiously*
jack_aubrey: *kisses him, feeling much less guilty*
stephen_maturin: *kisses him back*
jack_aubrey: *wriggles his leg between Stephen's* Terribly wicked. You have grown aroused thinking about me and my own "brother."
stephen_maturin: *gasps* Jack!
jack_aubrey: *reaches down and strokes him* Wicked. Licentious. A sodomite, and now this. *groans happily, hand on his cock*
stephen_maturin: *groans softly* Oh! Jack!
jack_aubrey: *spreading his legs so Stephen will settle between them and have difficulty squirming away anywhere* Maximus, wake up. I need help showing Stephen the error of his ways.
maximus_tm: Mmm? What has he done?
stephen_maturin: *squirming* Oh Jack please!
jack_aubrey: *elbows Maximus a bit to get him up* He was watching us.
maximus_tm: He was? How terribly wicked of him. What is the usual punishment?
jack_aubrey: I thought so too. The usual punishment for such behavior on a Naval ship would be a dozen lashes. Of course, the usual punishment for what we were doing would be considerably more severe.
maximus_tm: Hmm. We could tease him until he begs for mercy.
jack_aubrey: *sits up slightly under Stephen* A capital idea. Wouldn't you say, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: No, no, I do not wish to be teased! *thrusting up against Jack's hand*
jack_aubrey: *has slowed his hand, and is torturing the head of Stephen's cock with tiny circular strokes* Oh. He does not wish to be teased.
maximus_tm: How silly of him. *leans over and licks Stephen's nipple*
stephen_maturin: *squirms* Please, do not tease me!
jack_aubrey: *sighs loudly* Maximus, I am afraid I must ask a great favor of you.
maximus_tm: Yes, Jack?
jack_aubrey: I think it's apparent what the trouble is. Stephen buggered me, but he has not been buggered at all, and now he is taking liberties. He needs to be reminded of his place.
stephen_maturin: *lets out a tiny wail*
maximus_tm: Oh -- so you think that if I were to bugger him... ?
jack_aubrey: *sighs again* I would offer to do it myself, but I'm afraid it's too soon since the incident that he so indecently watched. Would you mind terribly much?
maximus_tm: *smiles* Oh, I think I could do it. Will you hand me the lantern, Jack, so that I might prepare him?
stephen_maturin: *squirming around to try to get on his belly*
jack_aubrey: *hands him the lantern and says sternly* Stephen. You will lie on top of me, so I may be certain that the punishment is having its proper effect.
stephen_maturin: *looks at Jack pleadingly, but does what he has been told, settling down on top of Jack*
maximus_tm: *smiling a little as he prepares Stephen* Oh, Jack, he is eager for this...
jack_aubrey: *smiling up at Stephen, and moving his legs apart around him* Is he indeed. Stephen, if you like, you may put your prick in me before you spend, so that I may be certain you have learned your lesson.
stephen_maturin: *closes his eyes, lowers his head to Jack's chest, and moans shamelessly as Maximus' fingers work in him*
jack_aubrey: *kisses the top of his head* There, my dear, it's not so bad, is it? I know that Maximus is quite large, but I feel certain that you can take him.
maximus_tm: *chuckles softly and guides himself inside Stephen with a groan*
stephen_maturin: OH! Oh...he feels like you, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *wiggles underneath Stephen, looks up at Maximus and winks* But he is not a ship's captain and may not be as gentle as I am, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *groans* Are you -- oh. Maximus, please, if you will...I need...
maximus_tm: *helps Stephen coat his fingers in the warm tallow as he thrusts a little deeper inside him, making him groan loudly*
jack_aubrey: *is wiggling more* Stephen...I am already quite prepared from having you earlier!
stephen_maturin: *hushes him, rubs it over himself and urges Maximus back as he lifts Jack's legs and pushes himself in with a single thrust* Oh JACK!
jack_aubrey: *lets out a loud groan and looks up at the two of them* You...see...
stephen_maturin: See what, Jack? *nuzzling his neck*
maximus_tm: *moving rather desperately inside Stephen now, grunting each time he buries himself in deep*
jack_aubrey: *watching Maximus' face over Stephen's shoulder, wondering if he makes those same expressions and if this is how he would therefore look to Stephen, which he finds terribly arousing to think about* the middle...
stephen_maturin: *whimpers* Oh--oh I-- *cries out as Maximus thrusts against that spot inside him, and then again and again, no longer actually thrusting of his own accord, but letting Maximus push him into Jack's body*
jack_aubrey: *is so thoroughly enjoying being fucked by both of them at once that he wonders whether he should be ashamed of himself, groaning and clutching at Stephen with one hand and trying to grasp Maximus' hip with the other*
stephen_maturin: *shudders hard and then spills his seed inside of Jack, hearing his moans above Maximus' and letting that push him over the edge*
jack_aubrey: *whimpers, entirely comfortable given the amount of preparation he has had and watching Maximus react to Stephen climaxing*
maximus_tm: *falls still above them both for a moment, then stares down at Jack as he starts to move again, thrusting hard and desperate into Stephen's body*
stephen_maturin: *rests his forehead on Jack's shoulder as he lies there gasping*
maximus_tm: *moans, but smiles as Jack blushes* Does it feel good, Jack? He feels so good... and tight and OH! *groans and shudders as he releases in Stephen's body*
jack_aubrey: *feels quite obscenely aroused watching Maximus' face as he climaxes inside Stephen, and groans loudly, watching*
maximus_tm: *stays where he is for a moment, then withdraws and settles down at Jack's side, stroking his chest and kissing his shoulder*
stephen_maturin: *slides down and takes Jack's cock in his mouth without any ado, sucking eagerly on him*
jack_aubrey: *groans again and moves his legs to hold Stephen there, turning his head to find Maximus' mouth*
maximus_tm: *kisses him tenderly, stroking his hair*
stephen_maturin: *groans a little around Jack's cock and rubs his tongue along him*
jack_aubrey: *reaches down to stroke the top of Stephen's head with one hand, bending up his other arm to hold on to Maximus, whimpering and thrusting his hips*
maximus_tm: *whispering in Jack's ear as he strokes his chest* He has an exquisite mouth, doesn't he? A skillful tongue... hot and wet and so good around you... think about how good it will feel to release there... making him take ALL of you...
jack_aubrey: *gives a surprised shudder and then a loud, astonished cry as he bucks hard into Stephen's mouth, right on edge*
stephen_maturin: *moans and then starts swallowing around Jack's cock*
maximus_tm: That's it, Jack. Let go. Let him have it, let him have you. Make him swallow it. He wants it as much as you do.
jack_aubrey: Max -- oh Stephen -- *thrusts up frantically again and wails as he spends himself*
stephen_maturin: *swallows eagerly, stroking Jack's thigh*
maximus_tm: *smiles and hums a little as he presses close, touching Jack's hair and face*
jack_aubrey: *tries to loosen his fingers in Stephen's hair which he fears he is pulling, and shudders as Maximus' fingers travel over his skin*
maximus_tm: *softly, kissing Jack's ear* That was beautiful.
stephen_maturin: *slides up Jack's body, tenderly pulling his hand away from his hair, smiling down at him*
jack_aubrey: *is still clutching at Maximus with one hand, and tries to smile up at Stephen* I think...that was no punishment for you at all.
stephen_maturin: Oh, oh, no, Jack, I feel properly ... chastised for my behavior. *kisses his nose*
jack_aubrey: *tilts his head to kiss his mouth, pulling up on Maximus' arm as well and dragging them all into a sloppy three-way kiss*
maximus_tm: *happily licking at their lips, then pulls back to settle at Jack's side again, resting his head on Jack's shoulder*
jack_aubrey: *glancing up at Stephen with a wicked look* I fear that we have done nothing to discourage you from such behavior in the future, my dear.
stephen_maturin: *gives a naughty little laugh* Jack, if this is my punishment, I think I shall do it again and again!
jack_aubrey: *glances at Maximus* I do suppose that next time, it is your turn to be between us.
maximus_tm: *gives a delighted little shiver* I shall not complain.
jack_aubrey: Do you know, I've become very hungry. What do you suppose Killick would say if I dragged him up and made him fetch us food?
stephen_maturin: I imagine he would grouse about it the whole time.
jack_aubrey: *grins* Maximus? Should you like grousing, wine and soused hog's face?
maximus_tm: Oh, why, indeed I would. *grins back at him*
jack_aubrey: *gives a mighty groan and sits up between them, then looks down* Please do not cause any trouble until I return. *gets up, fetches some of his clothes off the floor and goes to get the sentry to summon Killick*
stephen_maturin: *gets up to make himself presentable as Maximus stands and stretches*
jack_aubrey: *watches Maximus stand and stretch, has very evil thoughts about keeping him locked in his cabin naked all the time*
maximus_tm: *meets Jack's gaze, smiles rather naughtily, and then fetches his clothes*
jack_aubrey: *blushes and looks over at Stephen to see if he is as naughty as they are*
stephen_maturin: *looks at Jack and smiles so sweetly at him that it can only be hiding naughtiness*
jack_aubrey: *recognizes Stephen's most manipulative smile and concludes that he was perfectly justified in making Stephen take it from Maximus, not that that counted as punishment in the least*
stephen_maturin: *seems to know Jack isn't exactly falling for the smile, and it only makes him smile more*
maximus_tm: *urges Stephen to go over notes and scales with him until their dinner arrives*
jack_aubrey: *decides he'd better put in a quick turn on deck while Maximus and Stephen are studying music, gets properly dressed and goes up to find out what's going on*
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