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Captain Jack Aubrey


jack_aubrey: *is deep in conversation with Pullings about exercising the guns, repairing the mast and the state of the rudder, getting a full report, noting that Tom seems to be handling everything quite well -- not to mention enjoying it -- and, telling Tom what a fine job he and his men are doing, invites him to breakfast the next morning to discuss improvements to the rudder, then paces around the quarterdeck and scans the horizon for awhile for other sails*
maximus_tm: *watches Jack from a discreet distance*
jack_aubrey: *waves to Stephen in the jollyboat and wonders why Stephen looks so very amused*
stephen_maturin: *is watching Maximus watch Jack*
jack_aubrey: *is trying to decide whether the look Maximus is giving him means "Come below with me, now" or "Jack, you are being obvious again!"*
maximus_tm: *gives Jack a little smile, and then makes an excuse and heads below*
jack_aubrey: *looks anxiously out at Stephen, who appears to be completely ignoring him and utterly intent on whatever is in the water, then looks anxiously at Pullings who appears to have the men on the quarterdeck well in hand and gives Jack his very best "I Have Everything Under Control, Sir" look*
jack_aubrey: *praises Tom's handling of the crew and the sails profusely, stammers that he'll go below and work on the log book now, nods at all the people saluting him and hurries below before the anticipation of hurrying below makes him get hard*
maximus_tm: *wanders over to Jack, smiling a little* Ah, there you are...
jack_aubrey: *is blushing and stammering and smiling and feeling quite stupid* Ah -- ah, yes, here I am.
maximus_tm: The doctor made up more lessons for me, on studying music -- they are still in your cabin, Captain, and I was hoping I could spend some time studying them.
jack_aubrey: Oh...oh! Certainly, you may. *goes bustling towards the cabin trying to look very officious*
maximus_tm: *follows him*
jack_aubrey: *sends Killick to bring Tom some coffee since Tom is doing such a fine job, tells him the cabin looks, er, shipshape, and warns him that Maximus may be practicing music, which he figures will probably make Killick flee to the far end of the ship*
maximus_tm: *fetches the pages Stephen had drawn up for him, but is looking over at Jack*
jack_aubrey: *paces a little, gets his telescope, babbles to Maximus a bit about the optics, puts it down since it's way too early in the day for a telescope to do any good and paces some more*
maximus_tm: *goes over and closes the door, then steps up behind Jack, putting his hands on his arms* You seem... anxious.
jack_aubrey: *nearly jumps out the stern windows* No, no, goodness, no, whyever should I be anxious? We have an excellent wind, there are no sails on the horizon, the rudder seems to be working perfectly again...why should I be anxious?
maximus_tm: *walks around to stand in front of him, and reaches up to touch his cheek* I have waited for this all day. *leans in and kisses him*
jack_aubrey: *moans loudly, grabs Maximus' shirt like he's afraid he might change his mind, and kisses him back*
maximus_tm: *holds Jack close as he kisses him, stroking his back*
jack_aubrey: *is quite urgent and quite embarrassed about it, knowing that Maximus must be able to feel it against his hip*
maximus_tm: *trails kisses along his cheek and licks his ear* I want you to take me.
jack_aubrey: *lets out another moan, clutches at his arms and then begins to haul him toward his sleeping cabin*
maximus_tm: *goes along very eagerly, trying to pull off Jack's clothes*
jack_aubrey: *gets inside and unceremoniously dumps all the blankets from his cot to the deck, throwing his shirt aside*
maximus_tm: *pulls off his own shirt and kneels down to spread the blankets out a little more*
jack_aubrey: *digs out the little bottle of oil Stephen keeps hidden in his cabin in a knot in the wood of the deck beneath his chest, noticing that Stephen seems to have refilled it recently, then drops to his knees on the blankets and kisses Maximus again, running his hands over his chest*
maximus_tm: *goes down onto his back, pulling Jack down with him, kissing him back*
jack_aubrey: *is trying not to hurry him yet at the same time opening Maximus' trousers and stroking beneath them*
maximus_tm: *gasps and thrusts up towards his hand* I could not stop thinking about you, Jack...
jack_aubrey: *whimpers softly, tugging the trousers down* Nor could I...all morning...
maximus_tm: Good... *squirming a little to try to make the trousers come off faster* I had hoped you were but I was afraid...
jack_aubrey: *tugging his feet free, leaning over him and kissing him again* Why were you afraid, dear one?
maximus_tm: That perhaps you would not...desire this as I do. But I had to try, had to know. *reaches up and loosens Jack's hair, smiling up at him and then kissing him*
jack_aubrey: *whimpers and shoves at his own breeches as he kisses him back* Can you not see how I want you? ...can you not feel it?
maximus_tm: *reaches down and strokes him* Oh--yes, Jack, I can feel it.
jack_aubrey: *shudders slightly and pulls back from his hand* No, or I shall not last... *gets up long enough to get the rest of his clothes off, picks up the oil and kneels beside him again*
maximus_tm: Do you want me on my knees?
jack_aubrey: Would you be more comfortable on your knees? I would like to be able to see kiss you...
maximus_tm: *spreads his legs and smiles up at him* I can be comfortable like this. Please... inside me, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *is already spilling oil over his fingers, more than he intends because his fingers are shaking, before he can stopper the bottle* Wait, wait, I want this to be enjoyable for you.
maximus_tm: It will be! Please. *reaching out for him*
jack_aubrey: *gives him his free hand, but is stroking oil onto him and just inside him with the other* You are just as demanding as Stephen tells me that I am!
maximus_tm: *laughs, sounding rather delighted* You must forgive me for being so demanding.
jack_aubrey: *pushing two fingers into him slowly* I would forgive you for anything...but you must promise to tell me if I move too quickly.
maximus_tm: *trembles a little in anticipation* I promise I will.
jack_aubrey: *is moving his fingers slowly in and out, spreading the oil* I would never hurt you, were it in my power to stop give me pleasure so effortlessly...I want you to enjoy being with me.
maximus_tm: I -- do enjoy being ohhhwithyou.
jack_aubrey: *eases his fingers out and strokes some of the oil over his own cock, shivering even at his own touch* Not only enjoy, then...I want you to feel that you can ask for what you want, or take it... *trembles a bit and leans over him, kissing him as he presses his cock down*
maximus_tm: *moans up into Jack's mouth* I did ask for it...please, Jack! Take me.
jack_aubrey: *utters a soft cry and pushes into him, holding him steady with a hand on his hip* Ah -- you shall have me then --
maximus_tm: *groans and arches up to him* Yes... yes... Oh don't stop.
jack_aubrey: *frenzied, knowing he won't last long, reaches to take Maximus in his hand and stroke him, which to his hand feels so like stroking himself only from a different angle that he groans again and kisses him to muffle it*
maximus_tm: *moans up into Jack's mouth, reaching up to grasp at his shoulders as he moves against him, shuddering helplessly as he realizes that he shall not last*
jack_aubrey: *can feel Maximus shuddering and twitching in his hand, knows perfectly well what this means as he responds much the same way, and buries a cry against the side of his face*
maximus_tm: *gasps, arching beneath him and opens his mouth on a silent cry as he spills between them, his fingers digging in to Jack's shoulders*
jack_aubrey: *feels his own cock spurt at the precise instant he feels heat spraying into his hand from Maximus' cock and very nearly screams with pleasure*
maximus_tm: *lies trembling beneath him, but strokes his hair* Jack...
jack_aubrey: *sags against him and clings to him, not yet relinquishing his hold on his cock, either* Oh. Most...extraordinary...
maximus_tm: *kisses the side of his face* Oh. That. Jack.
jack_aubrey: *turns to meet his mouth, then lifts his wet hand between them*
maximus_tm: *strains up a little to lick his hand, letting out a small moan*
jack_aubrey: *licks Maximus' lips in between his fingers and sucks the fingers clean*
maximus_tm: *licking at his tongue and fingers and lips, smiling rather naughtily up at him*
jack_aubrey: *reddens a bit at the naughtiness in the smile* I, ah. Have never. With anyone, man or woman, like that, so precisely timed.
maximus_tm: Neither have I, Jack. *strokes his cheek*
jack_aubrey: *is stroking his hand down Maximus' body now* The similarities are remarkable. I know I am a larger man than you, but...look, our navels are identical. The way our hair grows here is identical.
maximus_tm: *smiling, stroking his fingers through the hair on Jack's chest* And here...
jack_aubrey: *shivers and makes a faint purring noise* Ohyes.
maximus_tm: And these... *smiles as he pinches Jack's nipple* are identical.
jack_aubrey: *raises a rather wicked eyebrow and pinches him back* Ah...indeed.
maximus_tm: *makes a little whimpering noise and rubs his thumb over the nipple he pinched* And... your mouth. *leans up to kiss him*
jack_aubrey: *tilts his head and sucks on his tongue* Oh...
maximus_tm: *presses their hands together, palm-to-palm* It is remarkable, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *slides his fingers between Maximus' to clasp his hand* I, ah, I would like... *blushing again, and unable quite to meet Maximus' eyes* You...your mouth...if you would put your mouth on me while mine is on yours, and...let me follow your movements...
maximus_tm: *smiling* I surely would.
jack_aubrey: *ducks his head, and kisses him* I am truly sorry if we seem provincial and dull to you.
maximus_tm: You are hardly dull, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *chuckles softly* I did not mean as a conversationalist...I meant, ah, this.
maximus_tm: So did I. *kisses him again and holds him close* I shall not tire of the way you make love to me.
jack_aubrey: *shivers again* You call it making love where you come from, even between two men?
maximus_tm: That is what you and I have done, what we have done with Stephen. Would you have me call it by the name of a crime?
jack_aubrey: *is trying not to blush any more* No -- never, with Stephen -- and never, with you, either.
maximus_tm: *kisses his red cheeks and strokes his hair* Good, then.
jack_aubrey: *is fumbling to be articulate, which has never been his greatest skill* You are not still worried, that it is only a whim, or a game?
maximus_tm: *holds him again* Do not fret. These thoughts are few and far between.
jack_aubrey: I would rather you never have them at all. It was never true, and...I am most attached to you, Maximus.
maximus_tm: *smiles brightly at this and kisses him*
jack_aubrey: *kisses him back, relieved that he hasn't managed to say anything too foolish* I would -- we would both be very unhappy, was you to leave now.
maximus_tm: I care very deeply for you. For both of you. I have no plans to leave.
jack_aubrey: *smiles at him, a little shakily* I know you have no plans...I have heard you speak often enough about having no plans to be...anywhere at all. *he has no words for what he's trying to ask him not to do*
maximus_tm: *nods slowly, then looks away*
jack_aubrey: *holds on to him tightly, hoping to be conveying his feelings without having to explain them* I must go on deck. I do not want to leave you, if you are low.
maximus_tm: I am not low. I am very happy. I will study the music Stephen has left for me, and I told Mr. Blakeney that I could help him strengthen his arm.
jack_aubrey: *smiles widely* That is most kind of you, an excellent idea. *gets dressed and goes up on deck humming a tune from an opera*
maximus_tm: *gets dressed somewhat more slowly, studies his scales and then goes to find Blakeney*
jack_aubrey: *discusses the carpentry with the sailing master, listens to Mowatt's concerns about the lifelines, discovers that Stephen has come back onto the ship and goes to find him*
stephen_maturin: *has gone to the stern cabin looking for Jack and Maximus but, finding neither, gone to the sickbay and set about studying a small crustacean he caught in a net*
jack_aubrey: *finds him on the orlop* Stephen, do you plan to spend all day catching and dissecting fish?
stephen_maturin: *cleaning his hands* As you can see, Jack, I have finished.
jack_aubrey: *can't decide whether this is good news or bad news* Ah. Good. Then you will be joining us for dinner.
stephen_maturin: *nods* Of course I will.
jack_aubrey: *paces and fidgets and looks around the deck*
stephen_maturin: *putting away his notes, and then looks up at Jack and frowns* Jack, are you in pain? Is something bothering you?
jack_aubrey: *much too quickly, blushing, and making a sort of pathetic sound* No, no, not in pain. Ha!
stephen_maturin: *eyebrows raised at him* Indeed? Well, that is good to hear. Now what is bothering you?
jack_aubrey: *gestures toward the deck above* Ah. He. And I. That is, Maximus.
stephen_maturin: *follows the gesture of Jack's hand, peers at him over his glasses for a long moment, then removes them and nods slowly* Ah. I see.
jack_aubrey: *very anxiously* said you would not mind it!
stephen_maturin: *points at the other chair* Sit.
jack_aubrey: *shakes his head, comes around and takes his hands* Stephen, please! He...said he wanted me to...take him.
stephen_maturin: *nods again, still holding on to Jack's hands* And?
jack_aubrey: *looking horribly ashamed of himself* And *pause* I *swallows* I did.
stephen_maturin: On his knees?
jack_aubrey: *turns bright red* No...on his back...
stephen_maturin: Did he beg you for it?
jack_aubrey: *stammering slightly* He, oh, Stephen, I did not wait long enough for him to beg...
stephen_maturin: I see. How quickly did he spend?
jack_aubrey: *swallows again, clutching at Stephen's hands* He lasted no more than a few minutes. Neither of us.
stephen_maturin: I see. Tell me, Jack... *leans forward and whispers in his ear* Would you like to do it again?
jack_aubrey: *shudders slightly* Oh, God, Stephen. I...may have begged him to do it again...
stephen_maturin: *leans back in his chair and smiles at him*
jack_aubrey: *can't see this, as he can't bear to look at him in case he is angry or, worse, hurt* I asked him to show me how he...the things he likes to do. You must understand, it is that we are so very alike. We were laughing about that, how even the hair on our chests is alike. It is as if he were my brother, only having had an entirely different life...and of course he is not really my brother.
stephen_maturin: *squirms a little* Indeed? I know he likes to be touched in many of the same ways you do.
jack_aubrey: *whimpers softly* Yes, he does. I know exactly what will...but it is not like touching myself, because it is him. *looks up abruptly* Stephen, he said both of us.
stephen_maturin: Mmm? Both of us... what? *squirms a bit more*
jack_aubrey: *realizing that that statement made no sense, and also that Stephen is squirming* He called it making love, what we did, and also what I did with you. And he said he cared very deeply for both of us.
stephen_maturin: *smiling at this* Really? How wonderful. Why, I believe he may be making a very good recovery... but, Jack...
jack_aubrey: *is getting aroused, as he thinks Stephen is aroused* But...what?
stephen_maturin: *smiles more, though it is a rather wicked-looking smile* Well, perhaps if we were to go to your cabin we could discuss this in more detail.
jack_aubrey: *yanks on his hands and tugs him to his feet* Yes, I think we shall.
stephen_maturin: *smiles sweetly at him, then urges him to lead the way*
jack_aubrey: *marches through the deck, stopping and examining the state of the guns, telling the midshipmen that they will practice firing that evening, nodding at various crewmembers, until he has gone up to the stern cabin*
stephen_maturin: *following along behind him*
jack_aubrey: *passes Killick by the door and gives him his best "don't you dare forget that I'm the captain" look* We shall be dining late. The doctor and I have very important ship's business to go over. Absolutely nobody shall enter this door, save Maximus, and when he arrives, Dr. Maturin will be performing a delicate operation and it is imperative that we not be disturbed except in the most dire emergency.
stephen_maturin: *enters the cabin behind Jack* Will Maximus be occupied for long?
jack_aubrey: *laughs quietly* He has been following my movements all day. I imagine it will not take him long to realize that we are here together. That would not disappoint you terribly, would it?
stephen_maturin: No, Jack, it would not. Now come here.
jack_aubrey: *strokes his face and kisses him* You wanted to know what he did? Everything? *kisses him again, across his face to his ear, and whispers* He said that he wanted me to take him.
stephen_maturin: *sucks in a little breath and reaches up to take hold of Jack's arms* Oh. Did he?
jack_aubrey: *urging Stephen backward toward his sleeping cabin* He did. He kissed me, and I agreed.
stephen_maturin: Oh... *trembling a little* Kissed you. How did he kiss you, Jack?
jack_aubrey: *kisses him quite thoroughly while tugging at Stephen's neck cloth, then his shirt*
stephen_maturin: *moans softly into his mouth and begins to tug at Jack's clothes, divesting him of his coat and shirt rather quickly*
jack_aubrey: *maneuvers him into his sleeping cabin, where the blankets are still piled in disarray on the floor* As you can see, we were impatient... *gets to his knees on the blankets, still working on Stephen's clothes*
stephen_maturin: *helps Jack to unfasten his breeches, then gets down onto the blankets* I can see that indeed. *laughs softly and pulls Jack towards him* What did he do after he kissed you?
jack_aubrey: *reaching beneath the blankets, coming up with a bottle* Someone had refilled this, can you imagine, Stephen? *puts it in his hands, and lies down, kicking off his breeches* He asked me if I wanted him on his knees, and I said no, I should like him to stay as he was.
stephen_maturin: *chuckles as he leans over Jack, spilling some of the oil over his fingers* As a matter of fact, I can imagine that someone had refilled this. *touches a slick fingertip to Jack's nipple*
jack_aubrey: *shivers a little and spreads his legs* He was impatient. He barely gave me time to ready him.
stephen_maturin: *moves his hand down, between Jack's legs, slipping back behind his balls to stroke his entrance* And you did not even give him time to beg for you.
jack_aubrey: *groaning, lifting his hips* I did not...wish to make him suffer, waiting...
stephen_maturin: *licks Jack's ear and presses a fingertip inside him* Of course not.
jack_aubrey: *laughs breathlessly and tries to press down* I told him that he was as impatient as you often tell me that I am...he did not care...
stephen_maturin: And then? *pushes the finger in deeper, licking his ear again*
jack_aubrey: *groans, trying to spread himself wider* must understand that I was perhaps a bit impatient myself...
stephen_maturin: Were you really? *chuckles, sucks on Jack's neck, and pushes another finger inside him*
jack_aubrey: *groans* Oh -- I was afraid I would not last -- if I delayed --
stephen_maturin: Ah, of course, Jack... *kneels between Jack's legs, withdrawing his fingers and spreading oil over his cock*
jack_aubrey: *whimpering as he watches* Of course I told him I did not want to hurt him. He assured me that I would not...he was very eager, Stephen... *wiggles his hips impatiently*
stephen_maturin: *presses closer to him, guiding himself towards Jack's opening, rubbing teasingly against it*
jack_aubrey: *moaning softly* He promised that he would tell me if it was too fast, and so...I had him...
stephen_maturin: *slowly breaching him, pushing in deeper and deeper* Did he moan for you, Jack? Like you do for me?
jack_aubrey: *moans much more loudly, taking him in and clutching at him* I -- I don't know --
stephen_maturin: *leans over him as he pulls back and thrusts in deeper* How did you take him, Jack? Sweetly, gently... *is moving slowly inside him as he speaks, lifting his head to look at him* Or did you fuck him hard, so that you would both spend quickly? *reaches down and takes hold of his hip and thrusts in with a sharp movement of his hips*
jack_aubrey: *wild-eyed and whimpering* I -- oh -- fast -- with my hand --
stephen_maturin: Like this? *reaches down and takes Jack's cock in his hand, stroking him firmly*
jack_aubrey: *shudders and groans loudly, pressing against his hand* Oh! Just -- !
stephen_maturin: *groans and kisses him, thrusting frantically inside him for a few moments longer, until he can no longer hold back and spends inside him*
jack_aubrey: *is jerking his hips up, moving himself against Stephen's hand and Stephen inside him, clutching at his shoulder, and cries out as he spills into his hand*
stephen_maturin: *stays as he is for a few more moments, then pulls his hand from Jack's prick, licking his fingers clean*
jack_aubrey: *lifts his chin, kissing Stephen between his fingers*
stephen_maturin: *lowers his hand to the blanket when it is clean, and leans down to kiss Jack*
jack_aubrey: *strokes his face and kisses him back*
stephen_maturin: My dear Jack. That was... *sighs happily*
jack_aubrey: *amused* Was you imagining that you were me, Stephen? Or that I was him?
stephen_maturin: *blushes a little and rests his head on Jack's chest*
jack_aubrey: *chuckles softly* We talked, after, about how alike our bodies are. He does not call me obese, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *lifts his head and looks at him, sighs and kisses him* He is not a physician.
jack_aubrey: I am not a physician, neither, but do you know what I think, Stephen? He and I are too much alike; he knows I trust him as I could trust few other men. But, Stephen, with you it is a different matter for him altogether. You have let him get on top of you, I know, but I think perhaps he fears that you are only interested in him because of me. He told me that he had been afraid we might only be using him, like a whore, can you imagine?
stephen_maturin: *looks very distressed* But, Jack, surely we could not have given him the impression that we are -- using him that way? Like a whore! Oh, no, it will not do to have him think that!
jack_aubrey: *sighs* I don't know why he ever would have thought it, but as he says, his mind is disturbed.
stephen_maturin: *sighs too* We cannot allow the melancholy to take hold of him again.
jack_aubrey: Why, that is what I mean.
stephen_maturin: Well, good. *lets out a little grunt as he collapses at Jack's side, finding his hand and holding it*
jack_aubrey: *rolls to face him, and looks at him seriously* Stephen...what we just did...that was not using him, was it?
stephen_maturin: *frowning* Would it be any different, really, than thinking about him when pleasuring yourself?
jack_aubrey: I couldn't say. I would not want him to think there was no real attachment.
stephen_maturin: There is real attachment, is there not?
jack_aubrey: *looks at him and nods*
stephen_maturin: Then we will do whatever we can to demonstrate that to him.
jack_aubrey: Should we...tell him so?
stephen_maturin: Of course we should. Our words and actions must reflect it.
jack_aubrey: That first night, the first time we we were all together, said you loved me.
stephen_maturin: *blinks at him* I do love you, Jack. You know that.
jack_aubrey: *touches his face* And I love you. I did not know whether to say so, then...if he would feel left out of what we share.
stephen_maturin: *ponders this* I cannot say for certain how he would feel, what he would think, about this.
jack_aubrey: *looks a little uncomfortable* Do you love him, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: I am very fond of him, Jack. But I cannot say that I love him.
jack_aubrey: *is somewhat troubled by this, and somewhat relieved, and guilty*
stephen_maturin: YOU love him?
jack_aubrey: It is not at all the same...Stephen, we have been together for years...there can be no comparison...
stephen_maturin: *touches Jack's cheek* You do.
jack_aubrey: *swallows and looks at him* Not as I love you.
stephen_maturin: *kisses him* That is a relief, then.
jack_aubrey: *kisses him back* I would never want you to be sorry that he is here.
stephen_maturin: I am not sorry, Jack. *smiles* I would never be sorry to see you happy.
jack_aubrey: *anxiously* But are you happy, Stephen? Are you unhappy with me?
stephen_maturin: Yes. And no, Jack, not unhappy with you. *holds him close*
jack_aubrey: With him then? Stephen, I shall feel dreadful if I have given you a reason to resent him.
stephen_maturin: My dear, I have no reason to believe you love him more than you love me. I am not unhappy with either of you.
jack_aubrey: *quite desperate* I do not love him more than I love you! I've said so. My feelings for him are entirely different. I shall not call them fraternal but they are more of a brotherly nature. I am concerned for him, and I will not deny a certain fascination by our similarities.
stephen_maturin: *kisses him tenderly* I know, Jack. I have no reason to be unhappy.
jack_aubrey: *stroking his face* It is not enough that you not be unhappy. I want you to be happy, Stephen. I can't bear it when you are low.
stephen_maturin: *rests his head on Jack's shoulder* I am not low.
jack_aubrey: *kisses his hair and across the back of his head* Do you feel that I was teasing you, before? Suggesting that you offer to submit yourself to him?
stephen_maturin: You were teasing me.
jack_aubrey: ...indeed, I was. But Stephen, you have teased me terribly about Maximus.
stephen_maturin: Yes, I have. Which is why it is perfectly reasonable that you, in turn, teased me.
jack_aubrey: *relaxes a little* I want there to be no suffering among any of us, Stephen. I am sure he would not want that either.
stephen_maturin: *takes his hand, nodding* That would, of course, be best for all of us.
jack_aubrey: *pulls back to study his face* You are not sorry that I invited him to sail with us, are you? I did it so impulsively...I did not even ask you.
stephen_maturin: *shakes his head* There is no reason to be sorry.
jack_aubrey: Perhaps not, but it does seem to have changed things between us and I want no change.
stephen_maturin: *looks confused* Things have not changed.
jack_aubrey: *looks a little amused* Stephen, when was the last time you had me on the floor of my cabin in the middle of the afternoon?
stephen_maturin: Ah...
jack_aubrey: When was the last time you had any interest in hearing how I behaved with another lov-- with anyone else, going to bed?
stephen_maturin: Well, ah.
jack_aubrey: Now, I am not saying all change is bad. But it is certainly different.
stephen_maturin: Ah. Well. You see, Jack, you came to tell me what you had done, and as I have said, the idea of the two of you together arouses me. So... I took advantage of that situation.
jack_aubrey: But how was it taking advantage? Was it not merely allowing us both to enjoy it?
stephen_maturin: Why, yes, Jack. Of course.
jack_aubrey: *hears a bell, sits up and starts struggling into his clothes as his stomach growls* I do not see how Maximus could object. I will be much happier with him knowing that it entices you.
stephen_maturin: *reaches for his own clothing* You mean, you have not told him how much it excites me?
jack_aubrey: *blushes a little* I have told him that you did not object...but I did not think it was my place...
stephen_maturin: Ah. *smiles as he stands, pulling his breeches up and fastening them, then pulling on his shirt*
jack_aubrey: *gets his own uniform straightened as best he can, buttons his coat and brushes at his epaulettes* Killick will scold me when he sees the state of this coat.
stephen_maturin: *tries to make it look more presentable* I should have been more careful.
jack_aubrey: *laughs* I shall blame it on the gun inspection. I am not sorry that you were less careful, my dear.
stephen_maturin: *smiling* Shall I open the door, then, to let Maximus know he is welcome to join us.
jack_aubrey: Certainly.
stephen_maturin: *does so, to see that Maximus is already standing on the other side, and waves him into the cabin*
maximus_tm: *looks a little embarrassed to have been found there* I was just about to, ah, see if I could come in.
jack_aubrey: *smiling to see him* I left word with the sentry that you might come in whenever you liked.
maximus_tm: That is very kind of you, Jack. *moves over to the table and gestures at a chair* May I?
jack_aubrey: *pulls out the chair for him* Of course you may. *takes two steps toward the door and bellows for Killick, who bellows back which it will be ready when it's ready*
stephen_maturin: *smiling*
maximus_tm: *sits and smiles across at Stephen* How are your fish?
stephen_maturin: *launches into a lecture about his fish that has Maximus' eyes glazed over in just a few moments*
jack_aubrey: *sits back and watches the two of them very contently, winking at Maximus when he sees his eyes glazing over*
maximus_tm: *tries not to smile that much more when he notices Jack winking at him*
stephen_maturin: *rather oblivious*
jack_aubrey: What I cannot understand, Stephen, is how you can spend all morning dissecting a fish and then eat another one for dinner.
stephen_maturin: They serve their purposes. Do we not eat beef and wear the hides of the cattle?
jack_aubrey: Yes, but I have never eaten a cow after watching one cut up. Though I do suppose the cook eats the pork after the pig has been killed.
stephen_maturin: Well, exactly. *smiles a little*
jack_aubrey: And treating your venereals has not put you off from making love, ha, ha!
stephen_maturin: *gives a little sigh*
jack_aubrey: *thinks that was a wonderful quip, and is still laughing and winking at Maximus*
maximus_tm: *smiles brightly at Jack, enjoying his laughter*
Killick: *comes in with food, looks at Jack's coat, makes an outraged noise and tries to straighten and dust it*
jack_aubrey: *is highly amused by this as well, until he realizes that Maximus will probably figure out what happened to it*
maximus_tm: *is very, very amused*
jack_aubrey: *casts an anxious look in Maximus' direction, and is surprised to see that he looks so amused; then glances at Stephen who of course knew that this would happen, having known Killick for years*
stephen_maturin: *stares back at Jack with a "Well, we knew this would happen" sort of look*
jack_aubrey: *sighs, orders Killick to stop fussing at him as he wants his dinner and starts serving everyone just to get Killick out of his hair*
Killick: *exits, grumpily, to get more wine*
maximus_tm: *is laughing very softly to himself as he starts eating*
stephen_maturin: *is grinning*
jack_aubrey: *grins broadly at both of them* He complains a great deal but he don't talk.
maximus_tm: Which, I am sure, is much to your advantage, Jack. My own -- that is, Cicero, he was -- well. He was much more...agreeable.
jack_aubrey: *remembering that name instantly* Your, ah, your particular friend? He was your steward?
maximus_tm: *nodding* Yes, you could say that.
jack_aubrey: *is somewhat shocked by this, as sodomy is frowned upon enough, but sodomy between members of different social strata is frowned upon to an extreme* Ah...then he was not from your warrior-class?
maximus_tm: No. He wasn't even one of my soldiers.
jack_aubrey: *pauses with the fork halfway to his mouth* And...that was...did people know?
maximus_tm: Well, we never told anyone, and no one ever discovered us.
jack_aubrey: *glances at Stephen* I had thought you said it was no crime in Rome.
maximus_tm: Not a crime, no, but there could have still been a scandal that I was carrying on that way with my servant.
jack_aubrey: *feels better, as this fits in much better with his sense of order* May I ask you something?
maximus_tm: Certainly.
jack_aubrey: Did your wife, would she have known, or suspected, or would a proper woman never have asked, then as now?
maximus_tm: *blinks several times as he tries to figure out what, exactly, Jack is saying, then smiles at him* I am afraid to say she would have expected it. Though I imagine she would have been far more pleased to know of my intimacies with Cicero than to know that I had fathered countless children with other women.
jack_aubrey: *is impressed, though scandalized* You fathered countless children!
maximus_tm: *laughing* No! Oh, no, that is not what I meant!
jack_aubrey: *glances at Stephen, bemused* Oh, I had thought you meant that you had dozens of women!
maximus_tm: Well, I had my fair share -- I simply meant to say that my wife would be happier knowing I had, as you say, buggered my servant than finding out I had an army of children, which -- well, I cannot know whether or not I did, but I doubt I had had enough women for that.
jack_aubrey: *is choking on his wine and hardly hears anything after the words "buggered my servant"*
Stephen &maximus_tm: *are both patting his back within an instant*
maximus_tm: *thoroughly apologetic* Oh, Jack, I am sorry!
jack_aubrey: *is shaking his head, wheezing and wiping his face with his handkerchief* No, no, I simply breathed at the wrong moment...
maximus_tm: Oh, do not try to be brave with me, Jack!
jack_aubrey: *very, very red in the face* I am not! You merely startled me!
maximus_tm: Well, exactly! That is not simply breathing at the wrong moment.
jack_aubrey: *waves his handkerchief at him to get him to sit back and eat* There is no need to apologize. Stephen, I am not having an apoplexy. Eat your dinner.
stephen_maturin: *frowns but returns to his dinner*
maximus_tm: *looks very embarrassed and resumes eating*
jack_aubrey: *takes a slow, cautious sip of wine and is satisfied when he does not resume choking* I did warn you, Maximus, that by comparison to you, we might seem very provincial.
maximus_tm: *blushes furiously and nods*
jack_aubrey: Do you miss him? Your friend?
maximus_tm: *nodding* Yes, I do. He... died, because of me.
jack_aubrey: *lowers his glass at once* Oh. I am so sorry.
maximus_tm: I included him on my plans, you see... he found me, in Rome, when I was brought to the arena... but he was caught and... *falls silent*
jack_aubrey: He found you in Rome? And conspired with you, though he knew it would mean certain death if he was caught? He must have loved you very much.
maximus_tm: *is merely looking at his plate now* He was... very loyal to me.
jack_aubrey: *leans across the table and takes his hand* A servant will only risk so much for loyalty. He chose his fate for you.
maximus_tm: *looks up at him and squeezes his hand* I have thought about him, you know. I ... I have simply not said these words.
jack_aubrey: Of course you must have thought about him. But, Maximus, I cannot think that he would want you to continue to suffer for him.
maximus_tm: *closes his eyes and nods*
jack_aubrey: *is running his thumb across the back of his hand, and looks somewhat helplessly at Stephen*
stephen_maturin: *reaches across the table to take his other hand, rather at a loss for words*
maximus_tm: I'm all right.
jack_aubrey: I used to try to remember the name of every sailor who died under my orders. Then there got to be too many.
maximus_tm: *nodding* Yes, but...but, Jack, he was not one of my men. He was...he took care of me.
jack_aubrey: Yes, I know. I only think that it does you no good to make yourself miserable when you remember him. Does it never feel to you like it was a different life? Sometimes when I am at sea, things that happened to me in England seem like a different life.
maximus_tm: In many respects I do suppose it was a different life entirely. All of that -- it is all gone now.
jack_aubrey: *is still holding tightly to his hand* The bad with the good, I hope.
maximus_tm: Yes... *looks up at him*
stephen_maturin: *in a soft voice* It is damaging to you to focus on these things. We are here to help you.
jack_aubrey: *is looking at Maximus anxiously, unsure whether to offer more food or wine or to say something or to go over and touch him*
maximus_tm: *nods, looking at Stephen* I know. You are -- you have been very good to me. jack_aubrey: *gets uneasy as he always does when Maximus speaks in the past tense* We are very glad to have you here.
maximus_tm: *gives him a little smile then finishes off his dinner before it gets too terribly cold*
stephen_maturin: *looks at Jack*
jack_aubrey: *glances back at Stephen, giving Stephen a helpless "Why didn't you interrupt me and start talking about tortoises when I asked too many questions?" look* I believe there will be pudding.
maximus_tm: Oh. Good. *pushes his plate back now that he has finished his dinner*stephen_maturin: *seems to be at an utter loss*
jack_aubrey: *gives Stephen a pleading look and gets up to call for Killick*
stephen_maturin: *as brightly as he can manage* I would be very happy to give you another cello lesson tonight.
maximus_tm: That would be lovely, Stephen, thank you.
jack_aubrey: *comes back, having overheard this, smiling as well* I am in the mood for music.
stephen_maturin: *smiling* Why, I'm sure I could lead Maximus through a shorter piece with you, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *glances speculatively at Stephen for a moment, before Killick comes in with more wine and dessert*
maximus_tm: *thanks Killick for the meal as he sets the dessert down for them*
jack_aubrey: *eats a great deal of dessert, smiling anxiously at Maximus between bites*
maximus_tm: *has almost as much of the dessert as Jack*
stephen_maturin: *there is very little left for him, but he doesn't complain -- he merely steals from Jack*
jack_aubrey: *is quite tolerant of this, as he is glad to see Maximus eating* It's very good, isn't it? The food is always good for a few weeks after leaving port, then it gets progressively worse until we can put into port again.
maximus_tm: When will we reach port?
jack_aubrey: Well, it depends on the wind. *grabs some leftover hardtack and starts making a diagram with crumbs*
maximus_tm: *peers down at the table to watch this*
stephen_maturin: *smiles a little*
jack_aubrey: *is giving an explanation of the trades, ending by blowing the crumbs across the table and grinning like a child*
maximus_tm: *gives Jack a shy little smile and strokes his cheek*
jack_aubrey: *catches his hand there and kisses it, still smiling*
maximus_tm: *looks across at Stephen with a Terribly Serious Expression* I think there is a wound you should look at, Doctor.
jack_aubrey: *has a moment of grave concern before he realizes that Maximus is being Too Terribly Serious, and swallows a smile* Indeed, Stephen, if he is in any pain...
stephen_maturin: *tsks, realizing that, yes, Maximus is Far, Far Too Terribly Serious* You should have said something sooner. I will need to see this wound at once.
jack_aubrey: *turns to Maximus and begins to unbutton his shirt* Which one is it?
maximus_tm: *manages to make himself blush* Oh, it is... ah... on my leg, Jack. I do not wish to disrobe if... *glances at the door*
jack_aubrey: *glances at Stephen who has gotten up to come see the wound* Would you mind making certain that we are not disturbed, Doctor? *since Maximus' shirt is already open, he pulls it off before working on his trousers*
stephen_maturin: Of course. *gives a brief explanation about further surgery to the sentry outside, saying they must not be disturbed unless the enemy is sighted, and returns after firmly shutting the door*
maximus_tm: *helps Jack with his trousers, then reaches out to pull of his coat* You look entirely too warm.
jack_aubrey: *grins wickedly* Do be careful. Killick will be most angry if my coat suffers any more indignities.
maximus_tm: *carefully drapes the coat over the back of one of the chairs, then strokes his hands down over Jack's chest*
stephen_maturin: *steps up behind him, putting his hands on Maximus' waist and kissing the back of his neck*
jack_aubrey: *is trailing his fingers down Maximus' thigh* Where are you in pain?
maximus_tm: Here, Jack... *takes Jack's hand and holds it over a spot, high up on his leg*
jack_aubrey: *moves his fingers over it softly* It does feel rather warm...infected perhaps...oh, but my hands are so rough... *presses his mouth against it for a moment* You had better have a look, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *moves around to see, his softer hands stroking over Maximus' skin* You should have told me as soon as this started to cause you any trouble.
maximus_tm: Is it very serious, Stephen?
jack_aubrey: *has switched places with Stephen and is massaging Maximus' shoulders and kissing the back of his neck* Shh, I am certain the doctor can treat you.
stephen_maturin: He must lie down. He cannot be standing like this.
jack_aubrey: *gets his head under one of Maximus' arms and an arm around his waist* There. Lean on me. Let me get you over to the locker. Stephen, would you fetch my blankets?
stephen_maturin: Of course, Jack. *quickly fetches the blankets, and spreads one out over the locker, and folds another to act as a pillow if needed* Here.
jack_aubrey: *lowers Maximus down, getting his hands over as much of him as possible in the process* You must tell me if there is anything at all you need.
maximus_tm: *reaches out to him* You, Jack! Please, do not go far!
jack_aubrey: Shall I hold your head while he works on your leg, dear one? *sits on the locker, pulling Maximus' head into his lap*
maximus_tm: *puts on a trembling voice* Will you have to have it off, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: Oh, your leg? No, no, it is not that far gone. *has removed his shirt, and is working on his trousers, which makes Maximus give him a wide-eyed look*
jack_aubrey: *strokes Stephen's face and leans over to kiss him* I have seen him work wonders with herbs and proper stretching of the muscles.
maximus_tm: Oh. Oh good.
stephen_maturin: I will be right back. Do NOT move. *wanders off, fetches the bottle of oil kept in Jack's private cabin, and then reaches into one of his jacket pockets for another bottle of oil, returning to open the second bottle and start to rub the lightly scented oil onto Maximus' leg* I thought I might need this tonight. *looks up at Jack* This is what I use for your back. I'm sure it smells familiar. *smiles*
jack_aubrey: *smiles back, as he usually gets his back rubbed with it when Stephen has ulterior motives* I do indeed. *stroking Maximus' face* It will heal the injury?
maximus_tm: *sighs happily and reaches up to cover Jack's hand*
stephen_maturin: Oh, yes, indeed it will.
jack_aubrey: *rests his other hand on Maximus' chest and strokes there, too* Is there anything I might do to assist you, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: Yes... do exactly what you are doing, Jack. Keep him very relaxed for me.
maximus_tm: *makes a bit of a purring noise*
jack_aubrey: *is running his fingers up Maximus' throat and down his collarbone, while moving his other hand down one cheekbone, across his lips and up the other* Are you comfortable, Maximus?
maximus_tm: Oh, very comfortable, Jack... *turns his head to try to lick at Jack's hand*
jack_aubrey: *lets his thumb linger near Maximus' lips, and slides his other hand over a nipple*
maximus_tm: *moans softly and sucks on Jack's finger*
stephen_maturin: *has moved his hands up past Maximus' leg, along his sides and up to his chest*
jack_aubrey: *innocently* Why, doctor, is there a problem with his ribs as well?
stephen_maturin: It would be best, I think, were I to take preventative measures.
jack_aubrey: Oh, I see. Then perhaps you had better have a look at this... *pinches his nipple softly* There, you see how red it is?
maximus_tm: *whimpers*
stephen_maturin: Oh, dear, that will not do at all. *strokes his fingertips over the nipple*
maximus_tm: *whimpers louder*
jack_aubrey: *presses his thumb against Maximus' tongue* What can we do, joy?
maximus_tm: *sucking urgently*
stephen_maturin: Hmm... *is idly stroking Maximus' nipple as he pretends to think*
maximus_tm: *squirming*
stephen_maturin: Oh, this will not do, Jack! He cannot hold still now, do you see how suffers?
jack_aubrey: *alarmed* Is it a disease? Or has he been poisoned?
stephen_maturin: I fear it is a poison, Jack, and it must be drawn from him quickly.
jack_aubrey: *yanks his thumb out of Maximus' mouth and doubles over to kiss him urgently* Be strong, we shall do what we must! Stephen, tell me what you would have me do.
maximus_tm: *lets out a noise that sounds distinctly like a wail*
stephen_maturin: He must be made to ejaculate. *settles on one side of him, taking Maximus' cock in his hand* I would certainly appreciate your help, Jack, for he is quite swollen. *smiles naughtily at him*
jack_aubrey: *wide-eyed* Indeed he is. Oh, tell me what you think best, Stephen! Should the poison be sucked out?
stephen_maturin: Yes, Jack, it certainly should.
jack_aubrey: *gently lets Maximus' head roll back onto the folded blanket* Then perhaps you had better let me, so that you may keep both eyes on the patient.
stephen_maturin: Oh, a very good idea, Jack. *moves up to hold Maximus' head, stroking his cheek and hair and smiling at him*
maximus_tm: *is trembling* are cruel to tease me so.
jack_aubrey: *has stretched out beside Maximus feet-first, turning Maximus' lower body toward his mouth* If you could show me how you like it...this might go more easily...
maximus_tm: *whimpers and turns towards Jack, licking the tip of his cock before taking it into his mouth and sucking gently, lifting a hand to hold on to his hip*
jack_aubrey: *mimics this exactly, giving Stephen a naughty grin before his mouth closes around Maximus' cock*
stephen_maturin: *settles down behind Maximus, reaching for the other bottle of oil and pressing a fingertip against his opening*
maximus_tm: *gasps and thrusts into Jack's mouth*
jack_aubrey: *sucks him harder and echoes his thrusting, squeezing his hip*
stephen_maturin: *is preparing Maximus gently, causing him to thrust more into Jack's mouth*
maximus_tm: *sucks harder on Jack in return, trembling and clutching at his hip*
jack_aubrey: *is trying to do exactly what Maximus does, though he is slightly distracted wanting to watch what Stephen is doing to him, and moans softly around him*
maximus_tm: *whimpers, lifting his leg a little for Stephen*
stephen_maturin: *has withdrawn his fingers, and is rubbing oil over his prick* Shh... do not become distressed, Maximus, we are doing this to help you. *presses close against him and starts to push inside*
jack_aubrey: *gives another soft moan as he wishes he could watch, but closes his eyes and sucks harder on Maximus*
maximus_tm: *has nearly given up on sucking Jack, afraid to bite him as Stephen enters his body*
stephen_maturin: *groans against Maximus' shoulder, then starts thrusting, slowly, despite his warning that the "poison" must be drawn out "quickly"*
jack_aubrey: *can feel Stephen's rhythm as Maximus is pressed forward against him and tries to match it, reaching a hand past Maximus' hip to squeeze Stephen's*
stephen_maturin: *groans softly and drives himself in deep, harder, feeling a desperate urge inside that he can't quite put a name on, the hard thrusts making Maximus grunt helplessly around Jack's cock*
maximus_tm: *starts sucking again, holding tight to Jack's hip, taking him in as deep as he can*
jack_aubrey: *is holding on to Stephen's hip for dear life as Maximus is driving him wild with his mouth and pounding forward into his own mouth, driven by Stephen's thrusts*
maximus_tm: *shudders helplessly and then spurts into Jack's mouth, moaning around him*
jack_aubrey: *moans too, trying not to thrust his hips until Maximus recovers, and trying to reach all the way around both their bodies to slip a finger between Stephen's buttocks*
stephen_maturin: *gasps* Jack! *grabs his wrist and holds his hand still* Not yet, love.
maximus_tm: *whimpers and strokes Jack's hip, trying to soothe away any hurt he might have caused as he sucks on him again*
jack_aubrey: *whimpering, letting Maximus slip from his mouth so he can nuzzle his thighs* Stephen...why...
stephen_maturin: Shhh... enjoy it, love... Let go and fill his mouth.
jack_aubrey: *moans loudly at this, holding on to Stephen's hip and letting Maximus' mouth make him cry out*
maximus_tm: *whimpers a little and swallows around him*
jack_aubrey: *shudders* Oh, I -- I -- *buries his face between Maximus' thighs to stifle his shout as he spends in his mouth*
maximus_tm: *swallows it all eagerly, stroking his thigh*
jack_aubrey: *lets out another groan, then a slow sigh, still pressed close to him*
stephen_maturin: *groans and presses his face against Maximus' shoulder, thrusting harder into him, pushing himself closer to his own completion*
maximus_tm: *moaning quite shamelessly*
jack_aubrey: *twists himself around so he can get his arm around both of them*
maximus_tm: *clinging to Jack as Stephen fucks him*
stephen_maturin: *doesn't last much longer, reaching for Jack's hand and then shuddering hard and spilling inside Maximus with a groan*
jack_aubrey: *kisses and holds Maximus* Are you feeling better, dear one?
maximus_tm: *nodding* Oh... oh, yes, Jack.
jack_aubrey: And you, love? Have you cured him?
stephen_maturin: I certainly hope I have.
maximus_tm: *nodding* I always much better. After.
jack_aubrey: *slightly naughtily* Then perhaps you need it more often. What do you think, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: Oh, I think he may need it indeed.
maximus_tm: *blushes a little and presses his face against Jack's chest*
jack_aubrey: *strokes his hair and looks at Stephen over his shoulder* And you, what do you need, love?
stephen_maturin: You. Both of you.
jack_aubrey: Promise me that you will stay, then.
maximus_tm: Yes, I will stay, for as long as you want me here! *kisses his cheek* I hope you both understand that you're mine now.
jack_aubrey: *peers at him and splutters* I thought that you were mine.
maximus_tm: Oh, am I? *smiles* Then do we both belong to Stephen?
stephen_maturin: *stifles a yawn* Naturally.
jack_aubrey: *shoots a look in Stephen's direction* I rescued him from despair and terrible food in Mahon. He is mine, utterly...please do not let me let him forget it.
maximus_tm: Oh. So we are yours to do with as you please, Jack?
jack_aubrey: *sleepily* Oh, yes, and you are both so very obedient at taking my orders... *grumbles* Stephen, explain to Maximus what will happen should he ever try to desert my ship.
stephen_maturin: *kisses Jack's hand, smiling at him* He will threaten to lock you up and have you disciplined.
jack_aubrey: *smiles back* You seemed very...aggressive this evening. Should I have called the master at arms?
stephen_maturin: *blushes a little*
maximus_tm: *speaking quickly* I did not mind.
jack_aubrey: *grinning at Stephen over his shoulder* Is that the most effective means of treating the poison, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: Why... why, yes, it is indeed.
jack_aubrey: This must be why I am not a physician. I had thought that perhaps the cure would be to let him drive it out himself.
stephen_maturin: Oh, no, this was far more effective a treatment.
jack_aubrey: *snickers softly* Yes, he feels quite relaxed... *kisses the top of Maximus' head* And you are flushed, love.
jack_aubrey: Indeed. I am very comfortable, too.
stephen_maturin: Good. And you, Maximus?
maximus_tm: Mmm. Very comfortable.
jack_aubrey: *is certain that he will fall asleep if he does not move, and does not want to move at all*
maximus_tm: *holding onto Jack, closes his eyes and falls asleep*
jack_aubrey: *softly, to Stephen* I think that he has fallen asleep. I would hate to move and wake him.
stephen_maturin: Perhaps we should not wake him just yet.
jack_aubrey: *strokes Stephen's face* You are content? I am miserable when I have made you unhappy.
stephen_maturin: I am very content, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *gives him a warm, sleepy smile* I do love you so.
stephen_maturin: And I love you. *strokes his face and smiles* My dear, dear Jack.
jack_aubrey: *kisses drowsily at his fingers, and shuts his eyes*
stephen_maturin: *closes his own eyes as well, leaving his hand across Maximus' body and resting on Jack's arm*
jack_aubrey: *is fast asleep very quickly and snoring prodigiously*
stephen_maturin: *is asleep soon after*
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