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Blakeney: What does "sodomitical" mean?
maximus_tm: Er. Perhaps you should ask the Doctor.
Blakeney: Do sodomite and paederast mean the same thing?
maximus_tm: Well. Not exactly...
Blakeney: *frowns at him* They are both buggers, aren't they? And that is a crime.
maximus_tm: Ah...well,
Blakeney: I'm afraid I don't understand. *unhappy* I wish Peter was here. He'd tell me.
maximus_tm: *sighs and tries to explain, very embarrassed by the conversation*
Blakeney: *totally unfazed* Then it is only a matter of paederasts preferring boys, whereas for the sodomite any place to stick their...I understand now. But in either case the crime is the same?
maximus_tm: Yes, I suppose it is.
Blakeney: *nods* I see. *thinks about this* Well, I do not see why a man should be hanged for that, unless he tries to do it to other men against their will.
maximus_tm: *shakes his head* Neither do I.
Blakeney: I know that it is against the laws of God, but the laws of God confuse me. But I am afraid of being flogged for insolence if I ask.
maximus_tm: *wonders how best to address the issue of their religion, seeing as it makes no sense to him* I suppose it is not for us mortals to question such things.
Blakeney: Sometimes I think to ask the Doctor, but... *looks at Maximus* How do you know which stories about a man are true stories?
maximus_tm: Sometimes it comes down to intuition...others, it is never clear without proof.
Blakeney: I should not want any proof, if what they say is true! I know that there are men who are wicked, and that there are men who have wicked thoughts, but some of the men I have been told are wicked have never said or done anything wicked that I could see. I have seen men flogged for wickedness like drunkenness and whoring...
maximus_tm: I wish I had answers for you. Unfortunately, in your world, sometimes I feel just as confused about it as you do.
Blakeney: *a little shocked* Would you say so to the captain?
maximus_tm: *smiles* No, probably not.
Blakeney: *sympathetically* Does it bother you, that were your birth just a little different you might have lived a life like his?
maximus_tm: I have lived a good life, Mr Blakeney.
Blakeney: *smiles at him a little* You say that as if you were an old man.
maximus_tm: *laughs* Yes, it does sound that way, I suppose.
Blakeney: But you are younger than the captain. Younger than the Doctor, I'd wager. Were you very badly hurt in the army?
maximus_tm: *nods* Yes, I was.
Blakeney: But you are better now? Dr Maturin can treat injuries no other surgeon can.
maximus_tm: Oh, yes, much better.
Blakeney: Then you must hate the French very much, for what happened to you. I have never spoken to a Frenchman but I find I am much angrier at them now, after what happened to my arm.
maximus_tm: *ponders how to answer this* I hate the war, and the evils that happen when men are at war, and perhaps even those responsible -- but the soldiers are simply men following orders.
Blakeney: Ah, so it is Buonaparte you hate. He is a vile man. Dr Maturin despises him.
maximus_tm: *nodding* Yes, I know he does.
Blakeney: I do not know what to think about the Americans though. Some of the men on this ship have cousins in America.
maximus_tm: I have spent little time thinking about them myself.
Blakeney: I am sorry, it is not my business what you think about. It is only...Dr Maturin and the captain do not always seem to agree.
maximus_tm: Well, it would certainly be boring if they did. *smiles a little*
Blakeney: It is confusing when I do not know what to think. Dr Maturin says that the English have no right to press sailors from American ships, but...he is Irish.
maximus_tm: *thinks that surely Roman politics were far less complicated* All men surely have the right to their own opinions.
Blakeney: *smiles at him* Did you say that to your soldiers, sir?
maximus_tm: So long as these opinions did not interfere with their loyalty to Rome.
Blakeney: Sometimes when he is giving us lessons in etiquette the captain asks us what we think of what we have read. But then it seems that he does not really wish to hear it.
maximus_tm: That does, unfortunately, happen. It is good to know that men are developing ideas of their own, but why risk the opportunity to know that they do not agree with you? *smiles a little*
Blakeney: Dr Maturin said that that is why sailors turn everything into a quip or a rude story. Because when men from different parts come together and have serious disagreements in hammocks a foot away, they would be blood on the decks.
maximus_tm: That certainly makes sense to me. You really cannot get away from anyone on a ship -- there must be at least a pretense of civility.
Blakeney: Yes, and that is why there cannot be women aboard, I am told. But I must go on deck, sir.
maximus_tm: I will see you later, Will.
Blakeney: *goes above*
maximus_tm: *goes looking for Jack, and finds Stephen*
stephen_maturin: *embraces Maximus*
maximus_tm: *looks a tad startled*
stephen_maturin: I, ah, to clarify... *kisses him*
maximus_tm: *returns the kiss very eagerly, moans softly and presses against him*
stephen_maturin: *whimpers and draws back, with difficulty* I was testing your reflexes. Yes. *sits down and opens his book*
maximus_tm: ...Stephen?
stephen_maturin: *looks up, closes the book and puts it on the table* Is all well, above?
maximus_tm: When I was last on deck it was surprisingly quiet. I started to feel tired, what with the sun and the rocking of the boat--er, ship.
stephen_maturin: *smiles at this slip* I am concerned that you may not get enough sleep. The bells wake men at all hours, and I am not certain that you are fully recovered from the ordeal that brought you here and reopened your wounds.
maximus_tm: Speaking of my wounds... *pulls off his shirt and shows Stephen one of the scars on his side* This one has started to itch dreadfully...
stephen_maturin: *leans forward, looks at it, touches it, looks sharply at Maximus to see if he's serious*
maximus_tm: *is frowning down at him* Is there something wrong with it?
stephen_maturin: *traces a skeptical finger along it* It looks perfectly fine.
maximus_tm: *squirming* But it itches.
stephen_maturin: *still stroking it* For how long has it been itching?
maximus_tm: Since this morning.
stephen_maturin: Did you sleep on this side?
maximus_tm: *considers this* I fell asleep on this side, yes. Though I woke on my back.
stephen_maturin: *touching more of him* Perhaps the pressure irritated the skin. There's no indication that anything is amiss.
maximus_tm: *turns around to look at him properly* You are certain of this?
stephen_maturin: *glares a little* If you'd like, I will retrieve a scalpel and scrape away some of the skin to examine under my microscope.
maximus_tm: *takes note of the glare and strokes his cheek* No, love, that won't be necessary.
stephen_maturin: *takes his hand away and gestures him into a chair* I will bring you some oil that may soothe it.
maximus_tm: *sitting* Thank you. I appreciate that.
stephen_maturin: *goes and gets the oil, and some noxious-smelling powder, then returns*
maximus_tm: I'm starting to find the movements of the ship on a calm day like today...well, they are quite soothing now. The sun itself has never made me overly tired before.
stephen_maturin: I do not believe it was the sun that made you tired. You have been sleeping erratically, and far too little last night, I think.
maximus_tm: *blushes* It is not my fault that I got so little sleep last night.
stephen_maturin: *blushes too* Then perhaps tonight we should endeavor to be certain that you get more sleep.
maximus_tm: But I am not complaining.
stephen_maturin: *is still blushing, and quite aware that he talked too much* Did you want coffee?
maximus_tm: Yes, thank you.
stephen_maturin: *goes to inquire about coffee and comes back and fidgets a bit with his book*
maximus_tm: What are you reading about?
stephen_maturin: *shuts the book again and presses his fingers against the bridge of his nose* The fauna of Patagonia.
maximus_tm: Oh. That sounds...interesting.
stephen_maturin: *glances up at him over his fingers* Are you interested in mammals?
maximus_tm: I'm afraid I never really had much time for many animals, but I am certainly not averse to mammals.
stephen_maturin: You did not keep animals on your farm?
maximus_tm: Horses, dogs, some chickens and cows, and the goat.
stephen_maturin: *represses a smile* You have met the ship's goat, I trust.
maximus_tm: Yes, of course.
stephen_maturin: And the chickens. I'm afraid we have no horses or dogs. I have told Jack repeatedly that a cat would help with the rats, but he insists that a cat is bad luck on a ship and no amount of logic will persuade him.
maximus_tm: I'm beginning to think that everything is bad luck on a ship.
stephen_maturin: Apart from women, cats, parsons, uttering certain unfavorable phrases, failing to touch wood after mentioning one's aspirations, men who are singled out for causing a ship in doldrums latitudes to lose their wind... *rubs the bridge of his nose again*
maximus_tm: *frowns a little* Are you all right, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: *very slightly irritably* Yes, I am quite well, thank you.
maximus_tm: Should I... go?
stephen_maturin: *even more irritably* I had thought your scar was bothering you. *picks up the oil and comes close* Let me see.
maximus_tm: *stands again, but doesn't say anything*
stephen_maturin: *pushes Maximus' arm up behind his head and out of the way, pours some of the oil into his palm, sprinkles a little of the powder into it and rubs it on Maximus*
maximus_tm: *tries not to squirm at Stephen's touch*
stephen_maturin: *finishes what he is doing and looks up at Maximus* That is all I can do for this scar, I'm afraid. Do you have any other complaints?
maximus_tm: *shakes his head* No, Stephen. I am quite well.
stephen_maturin: *gets up to get a cloth to wipe his fingers off* I think it best that I not bind it; it may simply need fresh air.
maximus_tm: Very well...I shall not keep you. Rather, any more of your time...ah. I shall go now.
stephen_maturin: *disappointed* Oh...certainly, if you are tired, that would be best.
maximus_tm: *looks at him for a moment*
stephen_maturin: *starts to say something, drops his eyes instead*
maximus_tm: *softly* What do you want, Stephen? I am not certain if you desire my presence here or not.
stephen_maturin: *looks up at him* I want you to... *flinches and turns slightly* If you wish to rest, Maximus, I do not want to interfere.
maximus_tm: *reaches out and touches his arm* I thought you did not want me to be here.
stephen_maturin: *turns his hand up and holds on to Maximus' arm* Whyever should I not want you to be here? I apologize if I was short with you. I have not had enough coffee, nor my dose.
maximus_tm: No... no, there is no reason to apologize.
stephen_maturin: *awkwardly* If you, ah, if you wish to lie down, but you do not wish to leave, perhaps we could.
maximus_tm: *smiles a little shyly* I would like that.
stephen_maturin: *slides his hand down Maximus' arm, takes his oil off the table and takes his hand to pull him toward the sleeping cabin*
maximus_tm: *follows him quite eagerly* I thought perhaps you did not desire me.
stephen_maturin: *flushes* That is not the case.
maximus_tm: *smiles brightly at him* That warms my heart to hear.
stephen_maturin: I had thought you seemed ashamed, the last time.
maximus_tm: I was afraid were afraid.
stephen_maturin: *sitting on the blankets on the deck, looking down at them* You did not want me, if I was?
maximus_tm: *sits in front of him and takes his hands* I did not wish to do anything that would make you afraid to be with me.
stephen_maturin: *looks at his ugly fingers in Maximus' hands* I was not afraid to be with you. I very much desired to be with you as we were.
maximus_tm: *leans forward and kisses him tenderly*
stephen_maturin: *kisses him back* You do not have to be so gentle with me. I am not going to run away.
maximus_tm: *smiles, kisses him again, then settles down on his back, pulling Stephen against him*
stephen_maturin: *goes down with him* Are you truly exhausted? I could lie beside you and read, if you need to sleep.
maximus_tm: No, not exhausted, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *touches his side again* And is this really bothering you, or did you merely wish to remove your shirt?
maximus_tm: It does itch.
stephen_maturin: Then you may have to scratch it. *smiles*
maximus_tm: Why, thank you for the permission. *scratches a little*
stephen_maturin: *laughs a little*
maximus_tm: *holds him close* I am so relieved that you are not displeased with me.
stephen_maturin: I suppose that I was somewhat uncomfortable.
maximus_tm: *softly* I wish you were not uncomfortable.
stephen_maturin: I said that which I should not have said.
maximus_tm: Ahh... *rolls towards him and kisses him tenderly* Then I will say the same things to you.
stephen_maturin: *very earnest* I want you to say nothing that you do not mean, nor that you do not wish to say.
maximus_tm: I would not, Stephen. *kisses him again*
stephen_maturin: *is melting slowly under his kisses* I did not upset you, shaking as I did?
maximus_tm: I was afraid were afraid of ME.
stephen_maturin: *kisses Maximus when Maximus does not kiss him again* No.
maximus_tm: I could not articulate it then, but that is indeed what my fear was. Not simply that you were anxious, but rather, that you were afraid of me.
stephen_maturin: *is tugging at him a little* If I was afraid of anyone, it was of myself. Not you. *gives him a slightly more demanding kiss*
maximus_tm: *returns the kiss and leans over him* You have no idea how relieved that makes me feel.
stephen_maturin: *pulls him down hungrily* I am truly sorry if I upset you. I thought you knew.
maximus_tm: *moves down to lick at his neck* Yes...I'm sorry, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *groans softly* Whatever for?
maximus_tm: For... *cannot seem to put this into words, so he merely slides down a little lower to lick his nipple*
stephen_maturin: *is making little helpless noises* Oh...Maximahh...ooh...
maximus_tm: *takes the nipple between his teeth as his hand comes up to tease the other nipple*
stephen_maturin: *trembling a little, trying to stop himself* Harder, please...
maximus_tm: *licks at the nipple* Harder?
stephen_maturin: *lets go and shakes for a second* Your fingers...your teeth, if you will...
maximus_tm: *pinches Stephen nipple, then strokes tenderly over it with his thumb as he bites as gently as he can down on the other*
stephen_maturin: *is groaning far more loudly than he usually lets himself, clutching at Maximus' shoulders* Yes please!
maximus_tm: *licking tenderly as his fingers tighten again, then spends a moment sucking and stroking Stephen's nipples before he bites and pinches at the same time*
stephen_maturin: *presses his lips together to hold in a loud cry that escapes through his nose as a whimper, then gasps softly*
maximus_tm: *lifts his head and looks up at Stephen for a moment, then starts moving down again, licking along his belly, and then lower over his cock*
stephen_maturin: No...stop. Let me.
maximus_tm: *looks up at him again* But...
stephen_maturin: *is sitting up and reaching for him* You said... *smiles* That you would like to be spread out like a feast.
maximus_tm: *smiles back* Yes, I would.
stephen_maturin: *tugs him up and urges him down, sliding over him* Indeed? *leans and sucks on his throat*
maximus_tm: *moans softly* Oh, indeed...
stephen_maturin: *pushes up on his arms, stroking inside them as he moves his mouth across his collarbone*
maximus_tm: *moans again, closing his eyes and arching his back* Stephen...
stephen_maturin: *moves his thumbs very lightly along his armpits as his mouth reaches a nipple and sucks none too gently*
maximus_tm: *shivers and groans* Stephen!
stephen_maturin: *makes a hungry sound and licks and sucks at him as his thumbs continue to move up and around and down, one leg sliding over Maximus' to press between his thighs*
maximus_tm: Oh...I... *shivers and rubs against him*
stephen_maturin: *rubs back with a loud shameless groan, and moves to the other nipple*
maximus_tm: *grabs handfuls of the blankets and trembles a little*
stephen_maturin: *secretly delighted, tries to do exactly the same thing again to get that reaction*
maximus_tm: *gasps and trembles again* S-Stephen...
stephen_maturin: *takes one of his hands from one of Maximus' arms to start unfastening his trousers, licking his way down his chest*
maximus_tm: *moans shamelessly and lifts his hips* Please!
stephen_maturin: *tugs his trousers down out of the way, moving his mouth lower, but bypassing his cock and licking inside his thighs*
maximus_tm: *trembles again, moaning and spreading his legs*
stephen_maturin: *wrestles the trousers off of his feet, lifting his mouth to lick a toe, before raising the leg over his shoulder and licking Maximus' balls*
maximus_tm: *cries out* Stephen! Oh! Your...your mouth.
stephen_maturin: *moves up steadily toward the hole, then diverts and licks back over the balls, taking each of them in his mouth gently, to suck up the length of his cock*
maximus_tm: *hips rocking helplessly, head tilted back against the blankets* Stephen...oh...
stephen_maturin: *finds the oil and opens it as he takes the head of Maximus' cock into his mouth and licks and sucks it, humming*
maximus_tm: Oh--Stephen, please, I want you inside me. Please take me!
stephen_maturin: *pulls his mouth away as he gets the oil on his fingers and strokes the base of Maximus' cock* I'm not quite ready yet, joy... *drops his mouth to his balls again, and behind them*
maximus_tm: *trembling again* Wait...let me... *squirms away then over onto his belly, spreading his legs again*
stephen_maturin: *chuckles at this wantonness* I am beginning to believe that you enjoy this. *puts his face down between his legs and licks at the opening*
maximus_tm: *moans* Oh, I do!
stephen_maturin: *spreads some oil around the entrance, then slides his tongue in easily in the slickness*
maximus_tm: *pulls the blanket up against his face and wails*
stephen_maturin: *whispers an amused "shh" as best he can with his tongue otherwise engaged, continuing to lick around and in*
maximus_tm: Oh... Stephen... *lifts his hips and thrusts back against him*
stephen_maturin: *holds his thigh and stabs at him with his tongue, enjoying his responses*
maximus_tm: *groans* OH--oh you are good... please...
stephen_maturin: *takes a few more licks, then lifts his head and asks eagerly* May I?
maximus_tm: Yes!
stephen_maturin: *slides up over his back, putting his fingers down and spreading more oil over and inside him as he does so* You must tell me if I go to quickly.
maximus_tm: Take me. Now.
stephen_maturin: *is spreading the remaining oil on his cock* I will...bend your legs, just so...
maximus_tm: *lifts his hips again, getting up on his knees* Now.
stephen_maturin: *grips his hip, presses against him and then pushes in with a single, smooth thrust* Ah, love...
maximus_tm: *groans* Oh yes...MmmStephen...
stephen_maturin: *takes a second to regain control of himself, reaching around Maximus to find his cock* I will not last, I warn you...oh, I wish I might...
maximus_tm: I--I cannot... *thrusting into his hand*
stephen_maturin: *kissing his back, licking at his skin, moaning indiscreetly*
maximus_tm: *groaning and rocking against him, almost so that Stephen does not have to move*
stephen_maturin: *is trembling with the effort to hold back, but with Maximus moving so much he knows he cannot prevent himself for long*
maximus_tm: *lowers his head down onto his crossed arms* Please,!
stephen_maturin: *moans at the submissive posture and thrusts in hard and fast, groaning*
maximus_tm: Yes...yes... oh I--Stephen! *muffles his cry as he spurts over Stephen's hand*
stephen_maturin: *digs his fingers into Maximus' hip while he trembles through his orgasm, then lifts his wet hand to his face, sniffing and stroking the seed over his lips as he thrusts deep, coming with a loud groan*
maximus_tm: *whimpers softly* Oh.
stephen_maturin: *is shaking and holding on to him for support, unable to move yet*
maximus_tm: *is unable to hold himself up, and collapses down onto the blanket with a grunt*
stephen_maturin: *inevitably falls with him, dropping his hand to the blankets to keep himself from crushing Maximus*
maximus_tm: You can... relax. For a moment.
stephen_maturin: *slides down against him as gently as he can, moaning* For a moment?
maximus_tm: *laughs softly* You will become heavy after a moment...
stephen_maturin: *laughs as well* I was afraid that you expected me to be prepared to go again in a moment.
maximus_tm: Oh! No, no, you can simply rest there.
stephen_maturin: *slides off him, rolls to the side and looks over at him*
maximus_tm: *looks back* My dear Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *reaches out and touches his cheek*
maximus_tm: *softly* I love you.
stephen_maturin: *closes his eyes and trembles* I...
maximus_tm: *moves over to hold him, stroking his back*
stephen_maturin: *puts his arms around him and holds on to him tightly*
jack_aubrey: *bangs on the bulkhead, sounding amused* If the two of you are not...busy...there will be toasted cheese.
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