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Captain Jack Aubrey


stephen_maturin: *points down into the water out one of the stern windows* Look! There, and there!
jack_aubrey: *without getting up from the table* What is it?
maximus_tm: *leans over and whispers to Jack* There are porpoises following the Surprise.
jack_aubrey: *getting up and walking over to Stephen* There are often porpoises following the Surprise. Stephen has been known to FALL OVERBOARD looking at them.
maximus_tm: *looks nervous about this and gets up too* Should I stay near him, to keep him from falling?
jack_aubrey: Are you a strong swimmer?
maximus_tm: Well. Fair enough.
jack_aubrey: *grabs Stephen by the back of his shirt and hauls him back inside through the window which he had been leaning out*
stephen_maturin: *protests loudly*
jack_aubrey: *points at the deck above* Stephen! What do you hear?
stephen_maturin: *listens* Music, Jack.
jack_aubrey: VERY LOUD music, wouldn't you say?
stephen_maturin: *sighs* Yes, Jack. *sits and looks a little glum*
jack_aubrey: Stephen, how many days this week have we seen porpoises?
stephen_maturin: Every day.
jack_aubrey: So the likelihood that we will see porpoises tomorrow, in full daylight, when there is not so much noise on deck that several men overboard could be left behind, is...?
stephen_maturin: *looks downright surly* Very good.
jack_aubrey: Why, Stephen, you have become a fine mathematician.
maximus_tm: *hides a smile behind his glass*
jack_aubrey: *turns his smile on Maximus* Wouldn't you say?
maximus_tm: *can't help but return Jack's smile* Absolutely.
jack_aubrey: *smiles at Stephen again* There, you see how proud you've made us?
stephen_maturin: *glares*
jack_aubrey: *pours Stephen more wine*
stephen_maturin: *drinks the wine*
maximus_tm: Do not look so unhappy, Stephen. Why, I'll spend time with you on deck tomorrow, watching for your porpoises, and you may tell me everything about them. *even though Stephen has, naturally, told him everything about porpoises already a dozen or so times over*
jack_aubrey: And if the water is warm enough, we could all swim.
maximus_tm: Oh, I would like that very much. Wouldn't you like that, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: Yes, yes, I suppose I would. *looks longingly at the window*
jack_aubrey: *to Maximus* We must get him away from the window.
maximus_tm: *grins, puts his glass down on the table, and gets up to straddle Jack's lap, kissing him soundly*
stephen_maturin: *turns and watches this*
jack_aubrey: *groans and arches up to Maximus, kissing him back*
maximus_tm: *pulls Jack's hair loose and runs his fingers through it, tracing Jack's lips with his tongue*
jack_aubrey: *starts unbuttoning Maximus' shirt and rubbing his chest*
maximus_tm: *moans softly and unbuttons Jack's shirt as well*
jack_aubrey: *finishes with his shirt and opens Maximus' trousers* You looked like a fine officer in breeches. I must remember to have Killick stitch up a pair of mine for you.
maximus_tm: *smiles at this* Do you know, Stephen said the same thing. He is always full of compliments for me when I wear your clothes. *casts a look over at him* He said that properly-fitted breeches leave little to the imagination.
jack_aubrey: *smirks at Stephen* Why, there is something in what you say. Is that how my breeches were torn? Did he rip my clothes off of you, dear?
stephen_maturin: *makes a slight noise of protest*
maximus_tm: He did, Jack. I daresay that he was quite desperate to have me out of the clothes, after telling me how very fine I looked in them.
jack_aubrey: *gives Stephen a look and makes a shocked noise* And did he take advantage of you out of the clothes?
maximus_tm: He did! His hands and his mouth were all over me, Jack.
stephen_maturin: I hardly heard you protesting, joy.
jack_aubrey: Maximus! Is this true? You willingly allowed him to put his mouth on you?
maximus_tm: Well...I...that is...yes.
jack_aubrey: *shoving his trousers down and stroking his cock* You do realize that such behavior is frowned upon in the Navy and requires that I discipline you?
maximus_tm: Oh! *shudders helplessly and clutches at Jack's arms* Punish me?
jack_aubrey: I said discipline, not punish. Stephen, I require your assistance, please.
stephen_maturin: *stands and steps closer to them* Of course, Jack.
maximus_tm: *whimpers*
jack_aubrey: *to Stephen* Take his arms and lean him back against you, my dear, please.
stephen_maturin: Certainly, my dear. *smiles sweetly at Maximus, then steps around behind him and takes his arms, pulling him gently back against him*
jack_aubrey: *slides his hands around Maximus' hips and bends to take him into his mouth*
maximus_tm: *cries out softly, letting his head fall back against Stephen's shoulder* Jack!
jack_aubrey: *squeezes his bottom and lifts him up higher*
maximus_tm: *trembles* J-Jack...
jack_aubrey: *stops for a moment* Why, Stephen, he seems to be in pain. Could you spare a hand to check his heart? *goes back to sucking*
maximus_tm: *whimpers and trembles more*
stephen_maturin: *hushes him, brushing his lips across his ear as he strokes his chest* Mmm...his heartbeat is very rapid...are you in pain, my dear?
maximus_tm: *groans*
jack_aubrey: *reaches up to pinch his right nipple*
maximus_tm: *cries out* Jack!!!
jack_aubrey: *pulls Maximus' hips up and down with his remaining arm and sucks enthusiastically*
maximus_tm: *closes his eyes and breathes in ragged gasps until he shudders and spends himself in Jack's mouth*
jack_aubrey: *hums happily, swallows and looks up*
maximus_tm: *whimpers*
jack_aubrey: *in Captain Aubrey voice* Stephen, I'm afraid I may have swallowed his seed.
maximus_tm: *whimpers again*
stephen_maturin: Does it disagree with you, joy? *grins at him over Maximus' shoulder*
jack_aubrey: Is it quite safe? Might it not have its effects? I feel very... *tugs Maximus down and thrusts up against his thigh*
stephen_maturin: Well, Jack, it might help you were you to spend your seed inside him.
maximus_tm: *is wriggling against Jack*
jack_aubrey: Oh. That was quite wicked of him, was it not? Should I bend him over the table?
stephen_maturin: Oh, it was very wicked of him. If you bent him over the table, it might stop him from being wicked in the future.
maximus_tm: *manages a laugh at this*
jack_aubrey: Maximus? Do you believe that... *shuffles him off his lap* would prevent a future lack of discipline on your part, was I to bend you over the table?
maximus_tm: *looks at him with wide eyes* Please! Bend me over the table!
jack_aubrey: *stands and puts his hands on his hips* Are you making demands on me, sir?
maximus_tm: N-no, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *in his face* I think you were, sir. Do you know the penalty for such behavior with a superior officer?
maximus_tm: *sinks back against Stephen* No, I don't.
jack_aubrey: *gestures to Stephen to bring him to the table* I'm afraid I must show you.
stephen_maturin: *guides Maximus to the table*
jack_aubrey: *pushes Maximus' shoulders down, then pantomimes putting oil on him to Stephen* Normally midshipmen are disciplined on deck in full view of the crew...
stephen_maturin: *fetches oil for Jack*
maximus_tm: You wouldn't do that to me, Jack? *wriggles his hips at him*
jack_aubrey: No, since you are a pressed sailor rather than a midshipman, I shall use my discretion as the captain to punish you. *smacks him once, leaving a pink mark on his bottom*
maximus_tm: *gasps* Oh!
jack_aubrey: You have an objection, sir?
maximus_tm: *groans* No, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *smacks him again* No, CAPTAIN. Are you contrite?
maximus_tm: *bites his lip to try to stifle a groan* Yes, very contrite.
jack_aubrey: Then the next time you are tempted to spend yourself in my mouth...?
maximus_tm: *whimpers* I--I will ask permission, first?
jack_aubrey: *takes the oil from Stephen and spills it over his fingers, then hands it back to Stephen* I suppose that that will do.
maximus_tm: *whimpers*
jack_aubrey: *starts opening Maximus up with his fingers* Why are you unhappy?
maximus_tm: *moans* Oh I'm not...
jack_aubrey: *fingering up the channel* You were sniveling like a squeaker.
maximus_tm: Oh! I...I wanted this...
jack_aubrey: *gasps, plunging the finger in deep* You wanted to be my catamite?
maximus_tm: *cries out* Please, Jack!
jack_aubrey: *two fingers* I think you did. Look how readily you open for me.
maximus_tm: Yes...please, take me, I want it!
jack_aubrey: *pulls his fingers out and reaches to get the oil from Stephen again, opening his breeches and noticing Stephen's eager attention* Why, Stephen! You would appear to have a snake in your trousers.
stephen_maturin: *is watching them, quite breathless* I'm not surprised at all, Jack. *leans forward and kisses him*
jack_aubrey: My poor Doctor, none of us can be more greatly surprised on this ship, ha, ha. *steps graciously aside* Why don't you care for our guest, and I will care for you.
maximus_tm: *groans*
stephen_maturin: How very generous of you, joy. *pulls off his shirt and opens his trousers, taking the oil and slicking his cock as he watches Maximus wriggle*
jack_aubrey: *wiping his fingers clean before getting more oil and pressing his fingers against Stephen's entrance* I would not want my surgeon to suffer needlessly. And I did deprive you of your porpoises.
stephen_maturin: You are very good to me--oh... *shivers and presses himself against Maximus, pushing slowly inside him*
maximus_tm: *moans loudly* Stephen...
jack_aubrey: *gets his fingers inside Stephen, stretching him open* But, love, you are good to me as well, and though I am no physician, you feel very needy to me...
stephen_maturin: Very needy, Jack. *leans over Maximus' back, licking at his shoulder, and then holds himself still, waiting for Jack*
jack_aubrey: *brushes oil over the head of his cock, unable to linger because he's waited so long, and takes himself in hand to push into Stephen* I trust you will both let me know if I move too fast?
stephen_maturin: *groaning* Of course, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *reaches past him for Maximus' hip for leverage, and starts to move inside Stephen*
stephen_maturin: *lets Jack set the pace, and starts moving with him, thrusting back against him and then forward into Maximus, who cries out*
jack_aubrey: *groaning* Are you all right?
maximus_tm: Oh yes! Please!
jack_aubrey: *groans again and starts moving faster, pushing Stephen into Maximus*
stephen_maturin: Yes, Jack! *shudders and moves with him, reaching up to stroke Maximus' hair*
jack_aubrey: *wraps his free arm around Stephen and shakes with the effort of not thrusting too fast and finishing too soon for everyone*
stephen_maturin: *keeps encouraging Jack, thrusting forward and listening to Maximus moaning*
jack_aubrey: *gives a great shudder, slams into Stephen and comes with a cry muffled against the back of his head -- fortunately the music on the forecastle is still quite loud*
stephen_maturin: *cries out and thrusts harder into Maximus, who covers his mouth to stifle his own shouts*
jack_aubrey: *sinks off his toes with a loud grunt of satisfaction*
stephen_maturin: *shoves in deep and comes, pressing his mouth against Maximus' back*
jack_aubrey: *strokes Stephen's hip with one hand and Maximus' with the other*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a long, slow breath and slumps on top of Maximus*
jack_aubrey: *still somewhat breathless* Are you well, Maximus?
maximus_tm: *moans*
jack_aubrey: ...Stephen?
stephen_maturin: Mm. Yes, Jack?
jack_aubrey: *attempts to peel himself off his back* Are you...content?
stephen_maturin: Oh, very.
jack_aubrey: *manages to get himself pulled back, and collapses again in his chair*
stephen_maturin: *kisses Maximus' shoulder and collapses into the chair next to Jack*
maximus_tm: *groans and stands up and stumbles over to the chair next to Jack again, picking up his wine and finishing it off*
jack_aubrey: *reaches out and strokes both their thighs*
maximus_tm and stephen_maturin: *lean towards Jack to kiss him at the same time*
jack_aubrey: *kisses them both* Perhaps we could return to the window, Maximus, if you will help me keep a firm grip on Stephen.
maximus_tm: *smiles* I could certainly do that.
jack_aubrey: *stands, groans, extends hands to both of them*
stephen_maturin andmaximus_tm: *take his hands and pull him over to the window*
jack_aubrey: *leans against the strut between the stern windows and pulls them next to him*
stephen_maturin: *peers out the window again*
maximus_tm: *grins, hooks his fingers in the back of Stephen's trousers, then starts nuzzling Jack's cheek*
jack_aubrey: *leans heavily against him* Were you quite satisfied, my dear?
maximus_tm: *smiles* Oh, very much.
jack_aubrey: *stifles a yawn and snuggles him* Don't let Stephen fall out the window.
maximus_tm: I won't. I have a hold on him.
stephen_maturin: *glances at him, giving him a bit of a Look*
maximus_tm: *grins back and kisses Jack's forehead*
jack_aubrey: *sighs happily and is soon snoring, slumped against Maximus*
maximus_tm: *wraps an arm around him and rests his cheek against his hair, watching Stephen and the delight on his face from watching the porpoises*
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