Captain Jack Aubrey (jack_aubrey) wrote in tertianharmony,
Captain Jack Aubrey

A Cello Lesson

jack_aubrey: Doctor! I had missed seeing you earlier. Shall I have Killick bring some rarebit?
stephen_maturin: I would be delighted. Where is Maximus? Do you have him teaching the midshipmen to use their swords now?
jack_aubrey: No, you did say that he should not strain his back, so he is teaching them Latin.
stephen_maturin: Good, good. At least he is being kept busy.
jack_aubrey: He does very well keeping himself busy; it was his idea. Also, he would like to try to catch a fish. Would you think it was proper to let him fish with the cook? The men might get the wrong idea about his status, if I was later to ask him to lead a boarding party.
stephen_maturin: If you do not object, I will take him out on one of the boats with me when I wish to dissect another fish.
jack_aubrey: I'll tell you what it is, Stephen. If I enter him officially into the ship's books, then when we put into Portsmouth he will come to the attention of the Admiralty Board. They will put him in prison for a spy, and have me held in irons as a madman.
stephen_maturin: *frowning* You can allow neither to happen, Jack.
jack_aubrey: Of course not. But if I don't put his name in the ship's books, any part of our prize-money to him must be small indeed. How is the man to make an honest living? I suppose I shall have to tell him, when he returns. *yells up to Killick for rarebit and then adds to bring something sweet, too, for Maximus, before he breaks the bad news*
stephen_maturin: The entire situation seems entirely unfair.
jack_aubrey: I do suppose the fellow might see it differently, though, having been dead. Ha! He may not care about prize money. I wonder what else he would want.
stephen_maturin: I must admit I have never asked him. I have tried to keep him more focused on being content in the present moment rather than trying to think about the future and what it might hold for him.
jack_aubrey: *frowns* I suppose he might decide not to stay with us. I do keep meeting some very strange people in that community -- spacemen and wizards and a woman who says she is a time traveler.
stephen_maturin: I would be unhappy if he left so soon. I find I am grown quite fond of him.
jack_aubrey: *Oh, I see. He is rather like me, only less busy, younger and not obese.
stephen_maturin: Jack! That is not it at all. I do notice that you do not seem particularly keen on discussions about what life was like during his time. I have questions I would like to ask him.
jack_aubrey: Do you really think it is wise to dredge up what may be unhappy memories for him? I have been trying to show him the appeal of life in this time, as I thought you had encouraged me.
stephen_maturin: Ah. Well. Yes, I do suppose that is necessary.
jack_aubrey: *pleased with himself* Besides, he said himself that he does not like spiders, so I hardly think drawing him into a comparative discussion of insects in Spain then and now would be helpful, ha! He shall be here presently and I expect we can ask him. *opens the door and yells for Killick to hurry with the rarebit*
stephen_maturin: Do you want him to stay with us, Jack?
jack_aubrey: *looks at Stephen warily* Do you?
stephen_maturin: Well, I... I certainly do not think he should be alone, but he must do what he needs to do for himself...
jack_aubrey: *impatiently* I thought the question was what you wanted, not what you thought would be best for him.
stephen_maturin: I want to help him.
jack_aubrey: Yes, so do I.
stephen_maturin: Well, good.
jack_aubrey: *cheers up considerably as both Killick and Maximus appear within moments of each other* Maximus, you are just in time for the rarebit.
maximus_tm: Thank you, I'm quite hungry. *sits at the table* You will be pleased to know, Jack, that the lessons are going quite well.
jack_aubrey: *beams at him* Very good. Some of those boys don't even write proper English, let alone Latin!
maximus_tm: *laughs softly* Yes, I had noticed that! Young Blakeney, though -- very clever boy. Eager to learn.
jack_aubrey: *nods* Yes, he is. His father was a good friend. Ah, Maximus, Stephen and I have been discussing your shipboard status.
maximus_tm: Oh? What about it?
jack_aubrey: Well, I believe I have already explained to you that there may be some awkwardness with giving you an official position. By English law, only an English citizen may hold a position higher than master's mate. *glances at Stephen*
maximus_tm: Oh. Well... you do not have to make me an officer, Jack. Though I was a general, I do not need to be one again.
jack_aubrey: *laughs* It is not within my power to make you a general. But I'm afraid it's more complicated than merely the title. You see, the prize-money won by this ship is divided according to rank, with the Admiralty coming in for a hefty chunk. If I allow you to take a fair share of the prizes, I will have to account for it somehow, and Stephen and I both feel that bringing you to the attention of the Admiralty would bring us all by the lee.
maximus_tm: Ah. Well...I do not particularly need money.
jack_aubrey: But surely there must be things you want. Things you had once.
maximus_tm: I imagine that wherever I go, I will find it very difficult to rebuild my farm.
jack_aubrey: *glances at Stephen again, and swallows* Returning to your farm may pose some difficulty. The war against Napoleon has spread to Spain. Stephen has a farm there too, with sheep, and a castle, but he has not been there in some time.
maximus_tm: *looks at Stephen, a little wistfully as he ponders Jack's words* Then I do suppose I shall not be returning to Spain. *shakes his head a little and frowns, looking at the table* There is not much for me here.
jack_aubrey: *concerned* Where would you like to go, Maximus? I imagine you have met some of those people from other planets in the place where I met you. Some of them even have time machines. *reaches across the table for his hand*
maximus_tm: *pulls his hand away* I am not sure. I would have to think about it.
jack_aubrey: *sits back* Yes, of course.
stephen_maturin: *in his most gentle voice* Once you have settled, I am certain you will find someone you can, at the very least, help in return. There seems to be no end to strife and political scheming, in places that would much more readily accept you as a warrior and a leader. *looks at Jack with an expression that says "Well, I have no idea whether this is getting through to him, but does it sound good to you?"*
jack_aubrey: *has no idea what Stephen is talking about but figures maybe this is secret spy stuff not meant for his ears anyway* Yes, yes...Stephen has many, ah, contacts. I do hope you will stay until we reach England. I would like to introduce you to my wife. Stephen, can you imagine what Sophie would say if she saw him? Ha!
stephen_maturin: Would you introduce him as your long-lost brother?
jack_aubrey: I wonder how I should explain you, Maximus. Even your name demands an explanation.
stephen_maturin: And his accent is quite uncommon.
maximus_tm: Have you heard yourself speak Latin? That is...quite uncommon.
jack_aubrey: *laughs loudly at this* Maximus' accent is better than a Yorkshireman's. What I do not understand is why his is able to speak English at all.
stephen_maturin: It is as much a mystery as his very presence here.
maximus_tm: I suppose I am very lucky that I did not have to try to learn your language.
stephen_maturin: Particularly since otherwise, I would have to subject you to my Latin.
jack_aubrey: I suppose I had better learn the Spanish better or you will be able to speak about me behind my back. Or even to my very face. Ha!
maximus_tm: *smiles a little and nods, then decides that, since Killick did bring in this food, he should eat it*
jack_aubrey: *smiles to see that he is eating and gets himself a great big portion, as well as some for Stephen*
stephen_maturin: *still looks a little distressed, keeping a constant eye on Maximus who doesn't say another word*
jack_aubrey: *is aware of this, but trying to talk cheerily past it* If this wind holds, we can put in to Recife and Stephen, you may take Maximus to see your creatures. I do ask that Maximus accompany you, not only so that he may see America, but because I trust him to have the good sense not to allow you to bring any vampires onto my ship.
stephen_maturin: That sounds perfect, Jack. How long do you think we will stay there?
jack_aubrey: If no enemy ships are sighted nearby, we should repair the mizzen before we depart. And you had wanted to replenish your chest? Perhaps three days.
stephen_maturin: *nodding eagerly* Wonderful. What do you say, Maximus? Would you like to come with me to look for bats?
maximus_tm: *nods a little* Certainly, Stephen.
jack_aubrey: *claps his hands gleefully* I thought we might have music this evening. What do you say, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: I say that is a marvelous idea, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *looks at the two of them and winks * Then we must make time this evening. *wolfs down some more rarebit*
stephen_maturin: *has only rather belatedly noticed that he hasn't been eating, so takes several bites of his dinner*
maximus_tm: *has put his fork down and is looking out the window*
jack_aubrey: *follows Maximus' line of sight* Is there something out there? A bird?
maximus_tm: Mmm? Oh, no.
jack_aubrey: If you would rather not hear us play, perhaps we could play cards. Stephen is an excellent card player. I always lose, ha, ha!
maximus_tm: No, I would like very much to hear you play.
jack_aubrey: *pushes his food aside and gets up to tune his violin* Have some of the plum. I had Killick bring it for you.
maximus_tm: Thank you, Jack.
stephen_maturin: *gets up as well and goes for his cello, casting another distressed look in Jack's direction*
jack_aubrey: *very firmly, thinking major key* Boccherini. And then that allegro Handel movement.
stephen_maturin: *nods as he sits, and takes a moment to tune the cello*
jack_aubrey: *smiles at Maximus* We often screech a bit when we have not played this for awhile. You will have to forgive us.
maximus_tm: I would probably not notice, Jack.
stephen_maturin: *chuckles a little* I am certain that even the fish notice.
jack_aubrey: *grins at Stephen and starts the piece*
stephen_maturin: *follows him, smiling up at him for a moment*
jack_aubrey: *has the easy part at the beginning of the Boccherini and keeps looking over at Maximus and smiling, as if to will him into a better mood*
stephen_maturin: *struggles a little, wincing as he does indeed screech -- rather embarrassed that it has happened so early into the music -- and glances up to note that, indeed, Maximus most certainly did notice*
jack_aubrey: *grins broadly at Stephen and talks over the music* Killick will burn your toast for that.
stephen_maturin: *chuckles a little*
jack_aubrey: *angles his bow, as it's his turn for difficult passages, and smiles smugly as he plays the first several bars flawlessly*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a loud sigh* You are merely trying to impress our guest!
jack_aubrey: *winks at Maximus* Of course not, Stephen, I am merely trying to salvage his eardrums.
stephen_maturin: Well, then, I will simply have to find a way to make it up to him...
jack_aubrey: *is paying more attention to Maximus than to what he is doing and falls out of pace with Stephen, to whom he quickly turns apologetically and corrects himself*
maximus_tm: *has turned towards them in his chair, holding his bowl of pudding in front of him to eat it as he watches and listens*
stephen_maturin: *grins a little at Jack and plays quite impressively well for a few moments until the cello screeches again*
jack_aubrey: *laughs aloud at this and actually picks up the tempo to make Stephen work harder*
stephen_maturin: *gives Jack a mock-glare and manages to keep up with him*
maximus_tm: *is smiling a little*
jack_aubrey: *finishes off the piece with a flourish and immediately launches into the next one*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a little noise of protest as he follows Jack into the second piece*
maximus_tm: *has a small laugh at Stephen's expense, noticing the annoyed look on his face*
jack_aubrey: *is not playing his best, as he is distracted and the piece is very fast, but he has a grin on his face because Maximus is laughing*
stephen_maturin: *notices now that Jack is not playing as well as he could, so focuses entirely on the piece and plays quite well*
jack_aubrey: *murmurs to Stephen, but without any rancor* Now who is showing off?
stephen_maturin: *smiles up at him* Surely I have no idea what you are talking about.
jack_aubrey: *smiles sweetly and once again picks up the tempo, devoting all his energy to playing perfectly*
stephen_maturin: *grumbles good-naturedly and keeps time with him, still playing just as well as before*
jack_aubrey: *finishes the piece with a loud HAH!*
stephen_maturin: Wonderfully played, Jack!
jack_aubrey: Indeed! *grins at him and then at Maximus*
maximus_tm: *smiling* That was beautiful. Thank you.
jack_aubrey: It was our pleasure, I assure you. Would you like more?
maximus_tm: Only if you want to play more.
jack_aubrey: *looks over at Stephen* One more? Vivaldi perhaps?
stephen_maturin: Ahh, Vivaldi. Perfect. *starts playing without waiting for Jack to be ready*
jack_aubrey: *joins in quickly, as the melody is somewhat slower and rather pretty*
maximus_tm: *smiling as he watches them*
jack_aubrey: *plays even more slowly than necessary as he can see that Maximus likes the melody*
stephen_maturin: *slows to keep time with Jack, glancing between the two of them*
jack_aubrey: *calls to Maximus* Which do you prefer? My high notes or the cello's?
maximus_tm: I couldn't possibly choose between them.
jack_aubrey: *glances at Stephen* Perhaps you should give him a lesson.
stephen_maturin: *grinning impishly at Jack* A lesson in learning to prefer the sound of a cello over that of a violin?
jack_aubrey: I would think that anyone who had assayed the cello would come to prefer the violin rather quickly.
stephen_maturin: My dear Jack, you would say that.
jack_aubrey: *smiling, finishing off the piece* Did Stephen tell you how we met? I was keeping perfectly good time at a concert, and he insisted that my beat was off.
stephen_maturin: It WAS off. *looks at Maximus* But then Jack took me out for chocolate, to admit that he was wrong. *smirks up at Jack*
jack_aubrey: *raises his eyebrows* The beat was perfection. I took him out for chocolate because I felt sorry for the poor fellow, unable to enjoy a concert sitting next to a Naval officer with so fine an ear for music. And then, for reasons I shall never understand, I invited him to dinner. I suppose I am a glutton for abuse.
stephen_maturin: My dear Jack, you know perfectly well that you were utterly entranced by my wit. You had no other option but to invite me to dinner.
jack_aubrey: In point of fact, I was so shocked to find someone who did not appreciate the finer details of Naval promotion that I was determined not to leave you alone until you understood what it meant that I had been made captain. And I was later entranced by your medical degree. *turns to Maximus* I begged him to sail with me, as my new ship had no surgeon. I was ready to offer, duettoes...
maximus_tm: *raises his eyebrows a little* Oh, I can imagine.
stephen_maturin: *blushes at Maximus' tone*
jack_aubrey: *gives Maximus a rather exaggerated look of shock* My dear sir, we do have some standards in the Navy. I would never have broached any sort of gallantry had he not started it.
stephen_maturin: But you wanted to. *laughs helplessly*
maximus_tm: *looks down and giggles a little*
jack_aubrey: *turns pink* I'll have you know I made it through many years as a midshipman and lieutenant with my honor intact, as it were.
maximus_tm: Of course, you had not yet met Stephen.
jack_aubrey: No, that is true. I suppose I had spent far too much time with your typical sailor to see any appeal. *laughs*
stephen_maturin: *looks up at Jack and reaches for his hand, bringing it to his lips as he feels quite safe and comfortable in Maximus' presence*
jack_aubrey: *smiles at him and turns behind to set down his violin* Well, Maximus, would you like to learn to play?
maximus_tm: *finally sets his bowl down and approaches them* Yes, I believe I would.
jack_aubrey: *grins and gives Stephen a waggle of his eyebrows*
stephen_maturin: *smiles back* Which instrument shall we teach him first?
jack_aubrey: *innocently* Why, the cello, of course.
stephen_maturin: Ahh, of course. *sits back in his chair and holds the cello to the side* It would be best, then, were you to sit between my legs here...
maximus_tm: *glances briefly at Jack, then does as he is told*
jack_aubrey: *moves in front, settles the cello between his legs and takes the bow from Stephen to put in Maximus' hand* Like this. Just the tips of your fingers, there, and your thumb... *moves it*
stephen_maturin: Gently now... *rests his hands lightly over Maximus'*
maximus_tm: *feels quite warm suddenly*
jack_aubrey: *gives Maximus an encouraging, though also somewhat naughty, smile* When you first draw the bow over the strings, it may vibrate both your hand and...anything the cello is touching.
stephen_maturin: *speaking very close to Maximus' ear* Are you ready?
maximus_tm: *feels rather like a virgin that they are trying to seduce* Yes, quite.
stephen_maturin: *guides his hand in drawing the bow across the strings, feeling Maximus shiver a little against him*
jack_aubrey: *is fascinated, kneeling at his feet and watching his face, and places a hand on his knee*
maximus_tm: *looks down at Jack for a moment, his face turning a rather interesting shade of red*
stephen_maturin: *slowly guiding Maximus through several notes, murmuring instruction as to where to place his fingers, and still holding the hand that holds the bow*
jack_aubrey: *reaches with his other hand to Maximus' wrist on the neck of the cello* Relax, here, let it fall like this. Good, good. *can't help but notice that Maximus' pulse is rather quick* Are you enjoying yourself?
maximus_tm: Ah, yes, yes, I am. *Jack's hand feels very warm against his skin*
stephen_maturin: Try a little on your own now, with the bow... *releases Maximus' hand and rests his own on Maximus' thigh*
jack_aubrey: *catches Maximus' other hand on the bow as it slips down without Stephen's fingers there and draws it* I can feel it humming through your arm.
maximus_tm: *trembles a little* Oh--ah, so can I.
jack_aubrey: *grins up at Stephen, releases Maximus' hand and puts his own over Stephen's on Maximus' thigh* Let's hear it, then.
stephen_maturin: *grins down at Jack over Maximus' shoulder*
maximus_tm: *swallows and draws the bow over the strings, Stephen's fingers still over his on the neck, and winces a little as the cello merely screeches at him*
jack_aubrey: *takes Maximus' hand in his again* It does take quite a bit of practice. *guides his hand with the bow across the strings, pressing up against his foreleg*
maximus_tm: *looks at Jack for a moment, then down at the bow moving across the strings, sounding quite a bit better with Jack's aid*
stephen_maturin: *nonchalantly lets his hand move from Maximus' thigh so that he can wrap an arm around his middle*
jack_aubrey: *strokes his hand up Maximus' arm* It can be very tiring, at first, repeating that motion.
maximus_tm: *is convinced now that they are most assuredly trying to seduce him* Indeed, quite tiring.
jack_aubrey: *reaches to pluck a few notes with his fingertips, knowing the cello will be vibrating against Maximus* But is it satisfying?
maximus_tm: *closes his eyes and swallows* Very satisfying.
jack_aubrey: Keep it up, then. *grins up at Stephen as his hand moves behind the cello and tugs at the fastening of the trousers Maximus is wearing*
maximus_tm: *gasps softly and squirms in his seat as Stephen returns to guiding him through various chords*
jack_aubrey: *lets the loose waist of the trousers fall down around Maximus' hips* Constricting clothing can make playing so much more difficult, don't you find, my dear? *starts unbuttoning Maximus' shirt*
maximus_tm: *gasps again and moves forward a little, trying to get closer to Jack*
stephen_maturin: *nuzzles at Maximus' neck* You are doing very well.
jack_aubrey: *takes the bow from Maximus and sets it down* Try it with just your fingertips.
maximus_tm: *plucks curiously at the strings*
jack_aubrey: *rubs his thumb across Maximus' cock as he does so* Like so.
stephen_maturin: *soothes Maximus as he trembles rather violently*
maximus_tm: *mimics the motion over the strings of the cello*
jack_aubrey: *sighs softly and tugs Stephen's hand down from Maximus' waist* You are the expert at this instrument, my dear...perhaps you had better show him...
stephen_maturin: *moves his hand to Maximus' cock, stroking lightly over it and then laughing softly* It would appear that he has a fine instrument of his own.
maximus_tm: *whimpers shamelessly*
jack_aubrey: *draws the cello away from both of them and sets it in its stand* Indeed, it would appear so. Let me see you play it, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *gently urges Maximus to lean back against him, wrapping his fingers around his cock and stroking slowly*
jack_aubrey: *leans forward on his knees* Do you know, I have always wished to play the flute. *bends and sucks the head of Maximus' cock above Stephen's hand*
maximus_tm: *moans shamelessly as his hips jerk*
stephen_maturin: Shhhh...gently... *stroking Maximus' chest with his free hand*
jack_aubrey: *also strokes a hand up Maximus' thigh as he licks and sucks at the tip of his cock*
maximus_tm: *rests his head back against Stephen's shoulder because he knows that it will all be over very quickly if he watches*
jack_aubrey: *tries to peer up to meet Maximus' eyes, meets Stephen's instead and grins around his mouthful*
stephen_maturin: *smiles down at Jack as he lightly pinches one of Maximus' nipples, making him whimper and thrust up urgently*
jack_aubrey: *takes Maximus in as deep as he pushes, squeezing his thigh in encouragement*
maximus_tm: Oh I--oh, please, I can't, I-- *shudders and spurts into Jack's mouth*
jack_aubrey: *makes a pleased noise through his nose between swallows*
maximus_tm: *slumping against Stephen, who holds him gently* Oh.
jack_aubrey: *finally lifts off his cock, smiling up at them both, then wincing a little as he attempts to straighten his knees and stand*
maximus_tm: *reaches out and helps Jack to his feet*
jack_aubrey: *stands in front of them, looking down at their heads side by side, and suddenly whimpers softly*
maximus_tm: *reaches out quickly and starts tugging at the fastenings of Jack's breeches * Tell me what you want. Both of you.
jack_aubrey: *is quite red, dropping his breeches halfway down his thighs and prodding his cock where either of them could reach it with his mouth*
maximus_tm: *leans forward eagerly and licks Jack's cock, letting out a little moan*
stephen_maturin: *leans forward as well, reaching out to grasp Jack's hand as his tongue moves where Maximus' isn't*
jack_aubrey: *lets out a muffled cry of pure delight, tugging Stephen forward with his hand and putting the other on Maximus' shoulder*
stephen_maturin: *slips off the chair and kneels behind Jack* Move closer to the chair, joy... spread your legs.
maximus_tm: *puts his hands on Jack's hips and pulls him forward, eagerly taking him in his mouth*
jack_aubrey: *grips Maximus with both hands just to stay upright as he moves his legs apart for Stephen, letting out another soft cry*
stephen_maturin: *leans up as he spreads Jack's buttocks, pushing his tongue between them and licking eagerly over his entrance*
jack_aubrey: *makes a very urgent noise through his gritted teeth to avoid shouting, thrusting into Maximus' mouth*
stephen_maturin: *hums softly, then pushes his tongue inside Jack*
maximus_tm: *sucking harder, sliding his hands up Jack's chest to stroke his nipples*
jack_aubrey: *clutching at Maximus' shoulders to avoid his knees collapsing, can do little more than tremble and wail*
stephen_maturin: *fucking Jack with his tongue, moving a hand around to stroke his balls*
maximus_tm: *takes Jack into his mouth as deep as he can, letting him thrust as he wants to*
jack_aubrey: *bucks helplessly and cries out as his balls tighten under Stephen's fingers and his hot seed fills Maximus' mouth*
maximus_tm: *swallows eagerly, letting out a little moan*
jack_aubrey: *collapses half on top of him, arms around Maximus' shoulders and the back of the chair, hips thrust back toward Stephen* Ahh -- aah! Have me.
stephen_maturin: I will, joy. *has stripped out of his clothing and has a small bottle of oil from one of his pockets in his hands already, pouring some out over his fingers and slicking his cock as he steps up behind Jack*
maximus_tm: *tilting his head up to lick and kiss at Jack's neck, holding him tenderly*
jack_aubrey: *turns his head to kiss Maximus, lifting his hips toward Stephen*
maximus_tm: *kisses him eagerly, sucking on his tongue*
stephen_maturin: *guides himself slowly into Jack, moaning softly*
jack_aubrey: *reaches a hand back to stroke Stephen's hip, also moaning softly into Maximus' mouth*
stephen_maturin: *groans softly as he buries himself in deep, stroking Jack's back* You feel so good, Jack... *leans across him and kisses his back, trailing his tongue up Jack's spine as he withdraws and pushes in again*
jack_aubrey: *moans more loudly and clutches at Maximus for support*
maximus_tm: *holding him and kissing the side of his face, reaching up to loosen his hair and run his fingers through it*
stephen_maturin: *lets out an undignified whimper as he starts thrusting urgently into Jack*
jack_aubrey: *gasps to Maximus* We even taste alike.
maximus_tm: *lets out a breathless laugh and kisses him again*
stephen_maturin: *shudders hard, and spends inside Jack with a groan*
jack_aubrey: *clutches at Stephen's hip with one hand to stop him from withdrawing too quickly, and at Maximus with the other*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a moan and leans over his back again, kissing and licking* Jack.
jack_aubrey: *somewhat wickedly* I'm very sorry I interrupted your lesson, Stephen.
stephen_maturin: *laughs softly and withdraws from Jack's body, lightly pinching a buttock* You most certainly are not.
jack_aubrey: *straightens a bit, groaning* Are you sorry, Maximus?
maximus_tm: *shakes his head, reaching up to stroke Jack's side* Not in the slightest.
jack_aubrey: *reaches down to stroke Maximus' thigh* If you want more...Stephen has made me quite ready...
maximus_tm: would let me?
jack_aubrey: *straightens fully, pulling Maximus to his feet as he does so, and turns toward Stephen* You'll let me lean on you, won't you, dearest one?
stephen_maturin: *smiles and reaches out to stroke Jack's cheek* Of course I will, Jack. Would you like me to sit, or shall we remain standing?
jack_aubrey: *smiles back over his shoulder* Whatever Maximus wants.
maximus_tm: No, I want you to be comfortable, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *presses Stephen forward* Then take me lying on the locker...on top of him.
stephen_maturin: *takes Jack's hand and kisses it once more, then heads over to the locker with both of them in tow, and lies down on his back, reaching out his arms for Jack to join him*
jack_aubrey: *smiles as he lies over Stephen, his cock already growing hard again, and he guides one of Stephen's hands to it*
stephen_maturin: *teasingly* Why, Jack, you are very eager. I might even say greedy. *starts stroking him, leaning up to kiss him*
maximus_tm: *trembling a little as he moves behind Jack, stroking himself for a moment before pressing against him* Please, Jack, tell me if I hurt you.
jack_aubrey: *arching back toward Maximus, smiling down at Stephen* You won't...I have been well-prepared.
stephen_maturin: *smiles up at him, stroking his face and hair* You look like you're enjoying yourself.
maximus_tm: *gasps as he pushes inside, slowly, trembling*
jack_aubrey: *eyes widening at the size and shape, not what he's used to* Oh -- oh! Is that...what I feel like, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: I would imagine it is, Jack, though I have not had him inside me. Does it feel good?
maximus_tm: *whimpers softly and clutches at Jack's hip, not wanting to push inside too hard*
jack_aubrey: *shoving back against Maximus and groaning rather wantonly, not sure what Maximus will think but knowing that Stephen likes it when he's shameless* Ohh...Maximus...fuck me...for all three of us...
maximus_tm: *gasps and thrusts forward hard, unable to hold himself back as he withdraws from him almost completely and shoves forward again*
jack_aubrey: *cries out again, fully hard and beginning to leak into Stephen's hand* Yes -- yes!
stephen_maturin: *leans up again and licks at Jack's lips*
maximus_tm: *groaning, thrusting as hard as he dares*
jack_aubrey: *hips raised high, taking it from Maximus and letting himself be pushed into Stephen* Ohh...ohhh!
maximus_tm: Please -- oh, I -- *shudders hard and slams his hips forward, falling still as he spurts inside Jack*
jack_aubrey: *shudders and cries out softly, thrusting up and down urgently upon Stephen with Maximus still inside him*
maximus_tm: *whimpers and holds him, reaching down to cover Stephen's hand on Jack's cock, and they stroke him together*
stephen_maturin: *kisses Jack tenderly, then whispers to him* dear Jack...
jack_aubrey: *is beyond words, groaning against Stephen's mouth, then throwing his head back as he sprays seed over both their hands and Stephen's belly*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a contented sigh as he holds Jack, stroking his hair with one hand*
maximus_tm: *whimpers softly and pulls back, sitting on the locker behind Jack*
jack_aubrey: *reaches behind himself for Maximus' hand while looking down at Stephen* Oh. That was...Stephen, what else may we do for you?
maximus_tm: *squeezes Jack's hand*
stephen_maturin: Oh, but... but, Jack, I'm quite fine.
jack_aubrey: *moves slowly off him so he can breathe, leaning back against Maximus* You're certain? *smiles rather wickedly* We have four hands and two mouths between us.
stephen_maturin: *looks at them with wide eyes*
maximus_tm: *smiles at Stephen as well, peering at him over Jack's shoulder as he strokes his chest* We could be very, very useful, of course.
jack_aubrey: *conversationally, to Maximus* He taught me how to find that spot with my tongue that can make a man spend almost at once.
maximus_tm: Oh, what a delight. *pinches Jack's nipple and licks the side of his neck as Stephen watches and whimpers*
jack_aubrey: *groaning rather more than necessary at this teasing* I remember the first time I put my tongue inside him...I was so afraid, I thought I must ask permission...
maximus_tm: *licks along the shell of Jack's ear* He must have granted it to you? For some reason, I cannot image that Stephen would ever say no to you...
jack_aubrey: *looks at Stephen* Stephen? If I said I wished to put my tongue inside you while Maximus stroked you until you spent in his hand, would you say no to me?
stephen_maturin: *whimpers and shakes his head frantically*
jack_aubrey: *kisses Maximus' cheek and then moves away from him, pushing Stephen toward Maximus as he maneuvers around him*
maximus_tm: Here, Stephen... *squirms down onto his back, pulling Stephen above him and taking Stephen's cock in his hand* Now Jack can put his tongue in you...
jack_aubrey: *moves down, licking as he goes, with an enthusiastic sound*
stephen_maturin: *groans loudly and thrusts into Maximus' hand* Oh, you have both conspired against me!
jack_aubrey: *chuckles softly against his opening, then licks it*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a wail, that Maximus silences by kissing him*
jack_aubrey: *softens the muscles clenching around the hole with his lips and tongue before pressing inside*
stephen_maturin: *moaning down into Maximus' mouth, feeling that he is possibly the luckiest man in the world right at this very moment*
jack_aubrey: *tongue-fucks Stephen the way he knows he likes, stroking Maximus' hip with his hand*
maximus_tm: *reaches down with his free hand to cover Jack's, stroking Stephen slowly as he licks and sucks on his lower lip*
stephen_maturin: *moving restlessly between them*
jack_aubrey: *withdraws his tongue and licks the backs of Stephen's balls, then presses into him again, stabbing toward his prostate*
stephen_maturin: *lets out a little shriek against Maximus' mouth, thrusting towards Jack*
jack_aubrey: *keeps doing it relentlessly, moving his other hand to stroke Stephen's balls just beneath Maximus' hand on his cock*
stephen_maturin: *spills over Maximus' hand, crying out*
jack_aubrey: *moves his hand up to catch some of the spend, draws it back down and withdraws his tongue to taste it*
stephen_maturin: *collapses on top of Maximus, who holds him gently and looks up to watch Jack*
jack_aubrey: *smiles at Maximus as he lowers his hand* Give me yours.
maximus_tm: *reaches out for Jack*
jack_aubrey: *licks Maximus' fingers*
stephen_maturin: *is licking Maximus' neck*
maximus_tm: *shivers*
jack_aubrey: *softly, around his fingers* I think you have been too long without this.
maximus_tm: *trembles a little* Perhaps--perhaps I have.
jack_aubrey: *finishes with the fingers and moves on to his palm*
maximus_tm: Oh... you are far too good to me... I do not express my thanks to you often enough.
jack_aubrey: *chuckles at this* I have no complaints. Do you have any complaints, Stephen?
stephen_maturin: Mmm... not at all... *is now kissing Maximus' chest, making him squirm more*
jack_aubrey: *moves up beside them* Then you will stay awhile? Even if your official status may be uncertain?
maximus_tm: That is all I have wanted.
jack_aubrey: *smirks at him* What is all you have wanted? An entire afternoon of violating the Articles of War?
maximus_tm: *laughs softly* Oh, yes, and that. I just--want to stay with you. For as long as you will allow it.
jack_aubrey: *glances at Stephen* Brother, you may stay as long as you wish.
stephen_maturin: *nods and strokes his back, reaching out for Jack's hand*
maximus_tm: *rests his head on Stephen's shoulder and closes his eyes, nodding a little*
jack_aubrey: Stephen, we've worn out your patient.
maximus_tm: *sleepily* Mmno, I'm not sleeping...
stephen_maturin: I think we have worn him out indeed, Jack.
jack_aubrey: I had better put in an appearance on the quarterdeck or someone is certain to come looking for me. I will leave orders that you are not to be disturbed. *somewhat humorously, to Stephen* You will not disturb him, will you?
stephen_maturin: I shall not disturb him at all. *stroking his back*
jack_aubrey: *kisses them both goodbye, goes out, tells the sentry not to let anyone in, not even Killick, and goes onto the quarterdeck*
maximus_tm: *returns Jack's kiss and puts his head down again, falling asleep almost immediately as Stephen holds him*
jack_aubrey: *has a quiet conversation with Pullings about his "brother" and what the men are saying about him*
Pullings: *is politely concerned about Jack's brother's melancholy state*
jack_aubrey: *manages to ascertain that there is no great resentment about his reputed bastard brother's being on the ship, as he is eating Jack's food and doing plenty of odd jobs*
Pullings: *mentions that some of the midshipmen seem to be quite in awe of Maximus' skills*
jack_aubrey: *realizes that everyone assumes that of course his "brother" must be a British citizen, even though he speaks Spanish as well as Stephen does, and wonders aloud to Pullings if there might be any problem if he gave his brother an acting commission*
Pullings: *smiles and tells Jack that he thinks it would be very good, sir*
jack_aubrey: *is very pleased, tells Tom that he has done a wonderful job with the sails, mentions that he must go work on the ship's books and leaves the deck*
stephen_maturin: *has also fallen asleep, one hand on Maximus' back, the other dangling down to the deck*
jack_aubrey: *bounds into the great cabin enthusiastically* Stephen! I have had... *realizes that he is asleep and goes to finish the rest of the cold pudding*
stephen_maturin: *heard Jack come in and peers over at him, eyebrows raised*
jack_aubrey: *already has his mouth full of pudding and gives Stephen a questioning look*
stephen_maturin: *slowly, carefully, urges Maximus over onto his side and gets out from under him, leaving him asleep alone on the locker as he fetches his breeches and pulls them on to join Jack at the table, speaking in hushed tones* How are things above?
jack_aubrey: Good, good. I am very lucky to have a man like Pullings. Stephen, I have been thinking.
stephen_maturin: Yes, Jack?
jack_aubrey: *smiles a little* I certainly would not be the first captain in the fleet to have gotten his bastard brother a position on his ship.
stephen_maturin: Oh? *smiles back*
jack_aubrey: It has been a dilemma, because if I acknowledge him as my brother, it means branding him as illegitimate. He will never be able to marry a gentlewoman. On the other hand, it solves a great many problems.
stephen_maturin: *ponders this* It does indeed solve problems. Of course, were he not to continue on with you, he might be just as content to return to the life of a farmer.
jack_aubrey: *sighs* I daresay it will be easier for him to own land as the bastard brother of an Englishman than as a Spaniard who has lived in Rome, no matter how noble his birth might have been. I am guessing, with confidence, that my father would be proud to have such a strong warrior as a son; I cannot imagine that he would deny him, and it would not really surprise me to learn that in truth I have such siblings. So long as my father does not publicly deny him, which I think he will not, it will be assumed that Maximus is as English as I am, no matter where he might have been raised.
stephen_maturin: *nodding again* Then that just may be the solution for him, Jack.
Jack; *is nodding too* So long as he works as hard as the next man and acquits himself well in battle, I think no man on this ship will show him undue resentment -- there will be mutterings, of course, but if he saves as many lives in our next boarding action as I think he shall, I do not think that will be a problem for long. No, the biggest problem I think may be persuading him to take a position.
stephen_maturin: *gazes over at Maximus' sleeping form* I think, given his rank in the Roman army, we will not have to worry at all about his ability in combat. You are probably right -- how will you persuade him to take a position?
jack_aubrey: And if we are successful...we will have to make him stay, at least for this voyage in its entirety. I could never explain such an absence to the Admiralty after I had made his presence official.
stephen_maturin: Indeed, you are right. *reaches out and takes Jack's hand* This is a good thing that you are doing.
jack_aubrey: *glances over at Maximus, then at Stephen* Are you so certain that I am not being selfish?
stephen_maturin: You tell me -- are you doing this for him, or for yourself?
jack_aubrey: I hardly know how to answer that. Look at him! I could have been that man, had I lived his life, and he, mine.
stephen_maturin: *nods* That is very true, Jack. But would you not want someone to help you, or would you want to waste away until you managed to get yourself killed or took your own life?
jack_aubrey: I would not be too proud to accept such help, if that is what you mean. But...Stephen, you were very low when I met you, yet you had resources, and now you are a wealthier man than I. He has nothing to fall back on. Do you not think he may come to hate me for it?
stephen_maturin: But that's just it, Jack -- he has nothing. No family, no home, no idea of the many things that have happened and changed our world in the centuries since he was born.
jack_aubrey: *glances over at him again, gets up, goes into his private cabin, gets a blanket and puts it over Maximus, then comes back to the table* this all right, what we three are doing?
stephen_maturin: *smiles a little* Yes, Jack.
jack_aubrey: *smiles back at him* I did not mean between us. I expect that if our wives were not a fatal obstacle between us, nobody else will be. I meant for him.
stephen_maturin: *frowns now* I think it is. He is certainly enjoying is probably good for him to share pleasure, and to have someone care for him.
jack_aubrey: But will it not be difficult for him, ashore, where we have is difficult enough for me ashore!
stephen_maturin: *nods slowly* That is a concern, Jack.
jack_aubrey: What do we do about it? I expect that Sophie will take to him...if he was a farmer, he will certainly do better with the garden than I have.
stephen_maturin: That may be a very good idea, let him at your garden.
jack_aubrey: I expect he will be good with the horses, too. Perhaps I should leave the household in his care -- Sophie might prefer him to me. *grins wryly*
stephen_maturin: The horses might also be very good for him... *still nodding, then reaches out and takes Jack's hand again*
jack_aubrey: We are months away from home and the horses. The best I can offer him is Recife and your vampires, my dear.
stephen_maturin: *playing with Jack's fingers* I know. But, naturally, one thing at a time. Recife, vampires, boarding parties, lessons with the midshipmen, England, gardens, horses...
jack_aubrey: *looks somewhat embarrassed* I have always wanted a brother close to my own age, you know. And yet...I have spent the entire morning... *blushes more*
stephen_maturin: *reaches out and touches his red cheek* Yes, I know. I was there.
jack_aubrey: *slightly defensively* That does not seem strange to you?
stephen_maturin: He is not really your brother, Jack.
jack_aubrey: He looks as though he could be my twin. Even I can see that. *looks at Stephen suddenly* It is not strange for you?
stephen_maturin: *nodding* It is strange when I step back and think about it.
jack_aubrey: This may sound very odd, but when I am alone with him, I do not long for him in that way. I truly do feel as if he could be my brother. It is only when you are with us that I feel otherwise.
stephen_maturin: *opens his mouth to respond to this, but can find none, sitting and looking down at the table pensively*
jack_aubrey: *laughs softly* Fear not, I don't expect you to feel the same. He does not, after all, look as though he could be your brother.
stephen_maturin: *blushes at this* I will assure you, Jack, I do not desire you merely because you are so exceptionally handsome.
jack_aubrey: *is amused* Stephen, how could I be other than pleased that of all the men we have met in the world, the one in whom you show the most interest is very nearly my double?
stephen_maturin: *looks up at Jack, smiling* So you are flattered?
jack_aubrey: *still blushing* Yes, my dear. Although if I find that you prefer him to me, I shall be unhappy.
stephen_maturin: No, Jack, I could not care for him the way I do for you. But... *looks speculatively over at Maximus* Do you know, I think he prefers you.
jack_aubrey: *is more embarrassed by this* He knows this is my ship. I met him first. He is merely more comfortable with me...
stephen_maturin: *raises his eyebrows*
jack_aubrey: *is stammering* Stephen, I hardly think he knows what he wants. I must seem as familiar to him as he does to me.
stephen_maturin: Of course. *playing with his fingers again*
jack_aubrey: *leans over and kisses him*
stephen_maturin: *returns the kiss* My dear Jack.
jack_aubrey: *pulls him closer* If I was not so tired from earlier, your virtue would be at risk now.
stephen_maturin: *leans against him and nuzzles his cheek* Mmm, good. I was afraid I was the only one tired! *chuckles softly*
jack_aubrey: *laughs with him* I was so dreadfully relieved when he fell asleep...I thought I would never keep up.
stephen_maturin: *takes Jack's hand again* Was Killick very put out that we played so early in the day?
jack_aubrey: Killick is far more put out that I have not let him in to clean the dishes, which it's nearly time for the next meal.
stephen_maturin: *glances over at Maximus again* I could certainly take the dishes to Killick, if you would like.
jack_aubrey: No, go and sit with Maximus as if you have been tending his wounds, and I will let Killick in quickly to do whatever he believes must be done.
stephen_maturin: A good idea, Jack. *kisses him again, then goes over to the locker and pulls the blanket down, to Maximus' waist to inspect his back*
jack_aubrey: *goes out to fetch a cranky Killick*
stephen_maturin: *is bent over Maximus and peering at the wound he had treated before, satisfied that it is healing nicely, as Maximus appears to be struggling either to wake up or stay asleep*
Killick: *does a very great deal of loud grumbling and banging about the table cleaning*
maximus_tm: *groans as he can't stay asleep*
stephen_maturin: *hushes him*
jack_aubrey: *warns Killick that he is disturbing Maximus who may be in a great deal of pain*
maximus_tm: *hears this and makes a noise as though he IS in a great deal of pain*
jack_aubrey: There, you see? Oh, and please send down some wine when you are finished.
stephen_maturin: *helps Maximus up once Killick has left, then gathers up his clothing for him* Did you sleep well?
maximus_tm: *nods and dresses* Yes, Stephen, thank you.
jack_aubrey: *comes over smiling* Ah, there you are. Are you hungry? I can have Killick bring more food.
maximus_tm: *rubs at his eyes* I shall survive until dinner.
jack_aubrey: Is there anything else you need? The locker is not the most comfortable place to sleep, as I know well.
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